Working Speakers (44 Devices Confirmed , 29 waiting Confirmation) last addition: Klipsch Stadium, Help Us to increase the list

I have found the auto off to not be a problem so far. Even when off they wake up and respond as they should do. Have you had issues then?

I have the same issue as you with the S3, always misses the first bit of any message. The music side I have now sorted though.

I have the JAM Audio Symphony (superb speaker!) and JAM Audio Rhythm, and both are working really well. The symphony is so good, I’ll be getting some more.

Had anyone tried Gear4 Stream 3? I’m recieving mine today, I wanted both WIFI and Bluetooth within £100, hence went with this.

For anyone using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi, did you have to do anything specific to get it to work? I tried setting up a test piston in CoRE, using Volumio as both a media player and a speech synthesizer (both same results described next). Whenever I trigger the piston, it should give me a 5-7 second announcement. Instead, it interrupts the music for a brief second, and immediately goes back to playing the music without ever sending the voice announcement. Given that no one else has noticed any issues, I’m guessing it’s me, but I’m missing whatever it is. Any help you all could provide would be fantastic! Thank you!

Hi, what is your audio source?

if you are using some control point , you must to verify if its compatible with ST, some control points does not support dual control , and crash when other device control the speaker, try to read the control point topic in RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)

Whoa, that’s a lot more complicated than I thought. I just want something
that will play TTS announcements. Also not sure I understand it completely
either. Might have to look into VLC instead…

Hey folks, I’m trying to make events work with Volumio running in a RPi, but with no luck. Even if I select the the action as “Message” or “Sound” and click on the “Play” icon next to the SmartApp name, no message/sound is played, but instead a Radionomy station is played for 10 seconds. Further, nothing happens when I change my system mode (even if i have selected the proper play trigger). Any help?

So since Meh is selling these today

Anyone know off hand if these will work with ST? I already have a sonos but a pair of these for $54 is just a steal.

Just want to add I hooked my Klipsch G-14 up and it was detected easily by the app. Haven’t found something to throw at it yet (will likely hook up EchoSistant when I have the time) to test audio.

I would have much rather used my Pioneer A1 which this thread says works but with the latest firmware I cannot get it to detect no matter what I have tried. If anyone has any tips for getting the A1 to detect, please share…Or if the guy who had his working can share the firmware version on there, please do.

I dont see the Samsung Radiant360 R1 on this list but there are several amazon reviews that state it works well with smartthings. Can anyone confirm?

I confirm…, I am using a Samsung R1 and it works.

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How did you get it to work? Smartthings managed to recognise them but then they show all the time as not present on the things list. Also I don’t know how to get to play things through them @ule @BristolBaz

They just worked out of the box for me… didn’t have to do anything.
Do they respond ok when you connect to them and play music outside smartthings?

Yeah they work when I connect to them over Bluetooth and can see them on the Pure Jongo app.

I re-added them now and they show as in the attached image. Is that what it should do even though I’m not currently playing anything on them?

I think the refresh is not working, It was a common problem with ST timers, please try to press refresh button, and check if the status its updated, if the status change to stopped then, I suggest you to use a watchdog to keep the update working.

@ule New to ST and i tried the smart app as per the steps…
works great on kodi 17.*
it took some time to work on Onkyo TX-NR 509. not sure why the delay was atleast took 10 minutes. finally worked.
now i ordered a cheap android box to use it as a dlna and connect more speakers.

i have few questions.

  1. is there an example on how to use the message to to play? i see it as #name, #type etc… but not really sure how to use.
  2. while using media render events if i select Play tracks. i do not have the option to select tracks. i see “you cant currently add this”
  3. i have setup say 3 speakers using media renderer app. since each of them have their own setting for genre. how can i play same song in each of the rooms? like a true sonos device?

i searched yourtube etc… can some one post the right link to use. if not can some one make a video for this. this saves times for new users.


1.- You can set any text message to convert to audio, like “The door it’s open” or you can set the message “The #name door it´s open” the tag #name it’s the name of the contact, if you contact it’s “main room”, then the message will be “The main room door it´s open”

2.- The tracks are the track you have previously played in the speaker, you must select the speaker first to populate the list, media player events avoid to add to tracks the audio with “” in the url.

3.- You can send the same track or media to the 3 speakers, but they will start each in it own time, just select the 3 speakers, If you have sony speakers you can use Party Mode so send synced music.

4.- I think you don’t understand DLNA speakers, try to search DLNA in youtube .

Thank you for the quick response.
i tried #1 from above and it did not wok for me. i tried Alarm clock, same issue it did not work.
how ever Big talker works fine.

i am intrested in getting few things with my set up.
a - play a message/music when i enter home and turn to Home setting from AWAY.
b - Play News/Alarm at a specified time.

please let me know if there are any suggestions.

How did you connect the Jam Rhythm to your smartThings automation?