Wiz Motion Sensor?

I know there is a manufacturer provided integration between Wiz bulbs and smartthings, but does that include their motion sensor? (Note that this is a Wi-Fi device, not Zigbee, and does not work with the Hue app. So not the same as the hue motion sensor. Same company, different model line.)

Also if anyone can confirm that these work to trigger Alexa routines, that would be good to know too.


Hi, I have spent the last few hours playing around with this having bought 2 motion sensors. Firstly you cannot link the motion sensor to anything other than wiz bulbs that are in the same virtual room on the wiz app. You also must have a wiz bulb to be able to set up the motion sensor at all.

I do not see a way of doing this direct to smartthings hub. I am going to explore IFTTT now to see if that offers a solution. If you find one in the mean time please post it here.