[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

@ihave2aces I have it working with echo. Just make sure you go into your echo setting (smartthings app:SmartApps:Amazon Echo) and add the garage door (or whatever you named it). Then tell Alexa to discover new items. Thats it!

The beeping alert when closing the door with MyQ is a built-in warning. The alert sounds off when closing the door remotely, with the native MyQ app or ST app.

I have to admit I’m horrible when it comes to looking at circuit stuff. Maybe someone savvy in that area can show us where to snip the wire that controls that speaker!

the myQ app works almost perfectly for me [except when trying to close both my left + right garage doors, then only one closes.]

one thing i notice in live logging is this error constantly even when nothing is happening:

java.net.SocketException: Connection reset @ line 261

anyone have any ideas what that means?

We are suspecting that MyQ is limiting the connection quality with ST. You can read some of it in this thread.

there is a new smartapp released called Rules Machine that lets you use boolean rules (and/or/true/false) which makes smartthings way more efficient … Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

i am trying to figure out how to integrate this with the myQ release from copyninja.

there must be a way to have smartthings be able to close both garage doors when i leave. right now if both are open, it will only close one when triggered by me leaving [goodbye routine]… i think the issue is that there needs to be a time delay between when the close signal is sent to both. even the myQ standalone app won’t close both if you hit the close button for each left/right garage too quickly. you have to wait like 60 seconds to close the other one or it doesn’t work.

Can you do it with 2 rules?
Rule #1 Close door A if away
Rule #2 Close door B if away and door A is closed

actually, it already does that with copyninja’s app. i have it to close left + right when i leave. so it knows which one is open and only closes the correct one.

the issue is if i am leaving and BOTH garage doors are open, only one will close. there needs to be a time buffer from when the signal is sent to close one and then around a 60 second wait/pause before sending the close signal to the other.

that is the only way it will work.

I just tried my theory and it worked.

I told door A to close when in away mode using copyninja’s app then I created a rule in Rule Machine that when door B is open and door A is closed and in away mode close door B.

With both doors open I ran Goodbye, door A closed then when it read closed door B closed.

so you have a routine set up to close your right garage door when anyone leaves, then rule machine will close the left garage if it’s open and right is closed, correct? can you post a screenshot of your rule machine settings for that? did you have to make a ‘close left garage door’ routine to be triggered by rule machine?

i am having issues with rule machine, it was working yesterday, then just stopped working today.

I don’t know if you have an iOS device or not, but I use the SmartRules app, and I created a rule that triggers off of the widget area where I can press one button and it opens both doors. (I have another rule set ups he same way that closes them both) and I’ve never had it not work correctly.

There is a free version that you can download that will let you create one rule. See if you can make that work for what you are trying to do and if it works, then you can buy the full version to do open and close.


yeah, i have an iphone… that app seems really limited. take a look at this smartapp that is way more advanced, and free: Rule machine - as per the app developer, this app is no longer available for new installs, distribution, or support

i don’t really understand how you have things set up. what is a widget area? a routine? are you using myQ? the myQ has an issue where if you send an open signal to both doors at the same time only one will open. the open/close signal needs to be spaced apart by a minute or it doesnt work.

Sorry took so long had to fix step-daughters furnace…

I used the good-bye routine to close my “big” garage door and set to “away” mode then I created this rule in rule machine, I didn’t have to create a routine. I would imagine you could do it all in rule machine too.
By the way I had to add the small garage door open condition because I am using a “switch” to close the small garage door and without out that if the door was already closed it would open since rule machine doesn’t appear to support open/close door.

It’s not a myQ issue. If it were, the Smart Rules iOS app would not be able to open and close both of my doors at exactly the same time.

Smart Rules allows you to create conditions where something happens. I have conditions where the something that happens is it opens both of my garage doors and it works. (I have another condition that closes both doors and that works too.)

So, the issue is either with your implementation of myQ, or with the smart app you are using to make myQ do stuff. By downloading the free version of smart rules, you can create a rule that triggers both garage doors and see if it works. If it works, then the issue is your smart app. If it doesn’t work, then the issue is your myQ implementation.

It will help you narrow down cause so you can focus on a resolution.


i took a look at the smartrules iOS app … it’s really not that good. take a look at the rules machine script, it has way way more options. it’s like the smartrules app on steroids. let me know what you think, but from what i saw rules machine seems way more robust – i’m using it now to close my garage doors if someone leaves based on presence and it works. (triggers a close garage routine if either me or my girlfriend leave).

i still can’t figure out how to get both garage doors to close if they are open in smartthings, and i think that there is just something wrong with myQ. i have a garage that has 2 doors, and i have 1 myQ hub. if i open the stand alone myQ app and close one garage then 1 or 2 seconds later press close on the other, only one will close and the second close command will be ignored. i just see the swirling icon (see screenshot below) and then it gives me a popup notification saying something like it was unable to close the door or communication error. the only way i can close both doors is if i wait for the first door to close, then close the other a minute later. i have to wait a minute before the other one will register the close command.

do you have 1 or 2 myQ hubs?

One hub. Two doors. I can open and close them both pretty much simultaneously. The myQ I have, I bought new keypads for each door that replaces the button on the wall, and then I have a black rectangular box that you plug into power and it has an ethernet port. That is what bridges the keypads on the wall to the Internet.

I was looking at one at Home Depot today. It had a motion sensor you put on the door and a thing you put up in the ceiling in your garage. That is not what I have.

Maybe that is the difference?

Also, I get that the rules machine does more, but it does it in the Smart Things app. The ST app is just unusably slow and cumbersome and I just can’t bring myself to spend that much time dealing with that interface. (ST app, not the Rules Machine implementation in the ST app)


Also, like I said, you could just try the free version of the app to see if it will do both doors, but if the native myQ app won’t, then it probably won’t either. It’s just that I do not have that issue. I can open and close both doors very quickly.

ah, the myQ i have works over wifi … it’s just a little hub that you plug in and mount on the ceiling. then motion sensors you put on your doors. nothing else plugs into it. it’s the one you were talking about at home depot.

can you send me a look to exactly what you have? might be worth switching. i absolutely hate knowing that there is something better out there, especially if it will fix the probably i am having :slight_smile:

hmm, what kind of phone are you using? i am using an iphone 6s plus and the app is instant for me on anything i do.

yeah, i tried the free version of the app, it didn’t work :frowning:

This is what connects to the Internet:

I have 2 of these. One for each door: