[WITHDRAWN] Denon Network AV Receivers

Can you automate that giant fishtank they have at Abt?

Actually… I’ve been doing some cool stuff with Osmobot

You can spend as long as you want in my house getting all these devices hooked up. I have so many random devices and it would be sweet to get this into place. My “4K” receiver doesn’t support HDCP 2.2 so I need a new one, maybe it will be one of the before mentioned.

My “4K” receiver doesn’t support HDCP 2.2

Doh! I’m travelling the next couple weeks but maybe once I tack a prototype together we can setup a tunnel and let me mess around with it. Seems like I could knock out a bunch of these network AVRs pretty easily.

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Some light reading for your travel adventure.


Sony STR-DN1040! :smiley:

@Kristopher do you accept PRs? I put together a quick fix for Steve’s setup.

Yes sir. Send it! 20202020

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Sweet! Can’t wait to see it!

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It looks like @Kristopher merged the commit. Try out the updated code from the first post in this thread and let me know how it works.

Inputnext is now working! Awesome job @joshua_lyon !!!

FYI, the update button is still grayed out, but not such a big deal.

Thanks guys!

Sony str dn840 would also be awesome. Would you need the reciever?

marantz 6007 although it doesn’t look correct.

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <item> <FriendlyName> <value/> </FriendlyName> <Power> <value/> </Power> <ZonePower> <value/> </ZonePower> <RenameZone> <value/> </RenameZone> <TopMenuLink> <value/> </TopMenuLink> <ModelId> <value>9</value> </ModelId> <SalesArea> <value>0</value> </SalesArea> <InputFuncSelect> <value/> </InputFuncSelect> <NetFuncSelect> <value>RHAPSODY</value> </NetFuncSelect> <selectSurround> <value/> </selectSurround> <VolumeDisplay> <value>Absolute</value> </VolumeDisplay> <MasterVolume> <value>0.0</value> </MasterVolume> <Mute> <value/> </Mute> <RemoteMaintenance> <value/> </RemoteMaintenance> <SubwooferDisplay> <value>FALSE</value> </SubwooferDisplay> <Zone2VolDisp> <value>TRUE</value> </Zone2VolDisp> <LastfmDisplay> <value>FALSE</value> </LastfmDisplay> <SpotifyEnable> <value>TRUE</value> </SpotifyEnable> </item>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 9 0 RHAPSODY Absolute 0.0 FALSE TRUE FALSE TRUE [/code]


I’ve found a bug, or it’s a feature request. I’ve set up the momentary tiles and the button-to-av apps for switching inputs. The volume setting will only allow for positive numbers. At least on this receiver, (AVR-1912) ideal volume level is -30 to -45 db. A positive number is way too loud. I tried pasting in -45 from text outside the app, but it won’t allow negative numbers to be saved.

Beyond all the obvious home theater applications, I’m working on setting this up so if the doorbell rings or if there is a knock at the door, the receiver switches on and changes inputs to a looping of a dog bark.


Hey Steve,

Yeah, I think I am going to rescale the volume to 0-100 instead of absolute db. It’s what the rest of the env would prefer.

I like the dog barking idea. If you mess around with the DLNA stuff, you can actually get it to “overplay” on your current input, or maybe even on zone 2. I’ll hack something together in the next couple days :smile:


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@seahawk What kind of mobile device do you have? (eg. iOS or Android)

Using SharpTools (on Android), you can do some cool things with Kristopher’s device type like creating widgets to control your receiver, creating notifications to display the state + quick actions, or using “OK Google” voice commands to control the receiver.

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@Kristopher - What your putting together is awesome and just wanted to say THANKS!.

Figured I’d post this information in case someone was interested in comparing the next model, I don’t have Spotify enabled on the Receiver yet which is probably why it doesn’t show up in the XML list.

Anyhow, I installed the Device Handler tonight after pulling up the formMainZone_MainZoneXml.xml for my Marantz SR6008. All but input selection work out of the box. I un-commented line 97 and and it appears to the parsing the VideoSelecList. but when I select the tile it logs: “SELECTED: [SAT/CBL, DVD, BD, GAME, AUX1, AUX2, MPLAY, TV, CD, SAT/CBL]” The first few times I hit the tile I was receiving a java.lang.NullPointerException related to length(), but probably due to not parsing the list.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <FriendlyName><value>Marantz SR6008</value></FriendlyName>
    <RenameZone><value>MAIN ZONE 
    <value index='ON'  table='On' param=''/>
    <value index='OFF'  table='Off' param=''/>
    <value index='SAT/CBL'  table='CBL/SAT' param=''/>
    <value index='DVD'  table='DVD' param=''/>
    <value index='BD'  table='Blu-ray' param=''/>
    <value index='GAME'  table='GAME' param=''/>
    <value index='AUX1'  table='AUX1' param=''/>
    <value index='AUX2'  table='AUX2' param=''/>
    <value index='MPLAY'  table='MEDIA PLAYER' param=''/>
    <value index='TV'  table='TV AUDIO ' param=''/>
    <value index='CD'  table='CD' param=''/>
    <selectSurround><value>PURE DIRECT                    </value></selectSurround>


Sharptools looks very cool. I’m too vested in iOS which has its own advantages and failings. When the rest of the family is all using photostream, etc, no way I will ever consider it.

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VERY COOL! I have 2 Denon receivers in house and was hoping someone would whip something up.

Great stuff - I can cross off one of my ideas for getting started on ST hacking!

I’ve tested on my Marantz M-CR610. The mute and volume work, but it won’t switch on and off from ST and I can’t do input selection. The mute/power doesn’t always reflect reality even with a refresh.

I’ll have a play with the gets and XML and see what my device is reporting, but I’m guessing it’s just some tweaks needed for this specific device.