Wish list of official devices to support

  1. Danalock V2 BTZ Smart lock
  2. WEMO Belkin switch
  3. Dlink Smart Plug (wifi)
  4. Dlink motion sensor
  5. Fibaro dimmer and dimmer2
  6. Ring VideoDorbell
  7. Dlink IP Cam DCS 942 , 2210 , 930
  1. Arlo Cams
  2. Nest Trio Products (cam, Protect, thermostat)
  3. My Q
  4. Wemo Insight
  5. Lutron Caseta (ClearConnect devices)
  6. GE Link Bulbs
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Cree link bulbs Please Please Please they will be local
Iris open/close Please Please Please they will be local
Iris motion Please Please Please they will be local

Nest Thermostat
Ring Doorbell
FOSCAM Generic (I have 3 different models)
More controls on D-Link Supported Cameras
SONOS Alarm Option

Ring doorbell
Lutron devices
Official support for GE Link bulbs

Lutron Caseta ClearConnect
Nest devices
Ring doorbell
August lock
GE Link daylight bulbs

X-10 bridge
Ecobee 3 sensors - supported as directly-connected devices, not involving use of the Ecobee API

All of the above please


Ring doorbell

and please, please, please Sonos…
ok enough shameless begging :frowning:

August locks, which SmartThings said was coming “soon” almost a year ago

Then after that, Nest

  1. WisQo switch hub.
  2. My Q garage door opener.