Wiring help with 3 way switch (Inovelli)

I’m trying to install an Inovelli switch with a 3 way.

Here is switch 1

The neutrals are twisted together but one of the neutrals has black tape around the end.

This leads up to this junction box in the attic.

The left wire going into the junction box is from switch 1, the right wire going into the box is coming from the light.

Here is switch 2

Any idea on how to wire this for the Inovelli switch?

White wire with tape on is is NO Neutral. You have no neutral connected to a 3-way circuit.

I realize this, the neutrals are in that junction box in the attic.

I’m assuming the only way to make this work is to run a neutral from that junction box to switch 1, correct?

Then what do I do with the tapped neutral?

What @NomadTech said. You don’t have a neutral in either box, so you’ll have to use a “no-neutral” device.

As an aside, the junction box in the attic looks overloaded to me. If that is the case, this is a potential fire hazard. There are capacity limits to boxes based on the number of wires, the gauge of the wires and the number of devices, if any.

A simple fix would be to swap the attic box out with a larger capacity box, such as a square.

That’s not a neutral. You can use that wire for whatever you need (or you can make it a neutral).