Wiring help please!

Can someone please help me understanding how to hook up a GE ZWAVE switch. My wiring is as shown below. Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately, based on that particular wiring diagram, it appears that you do not have a Neutral in your box. Therefore, you cannot use GE Z-wave switches/dimmers.

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You could get an in-wall relay/dimmer like the aeotec micro or nano devices, or a qubino relay/dimmer and connect it in the ceiling at the light fixture. That’s where your line hot and neutral wires are, if your wiring is like that in the image.



Or there are a couple models of GE z-wave switches that don’t require a neutral wire in your switch box, but they’ll only work with incandescent bulbs.

And there’s the Lutron caseta line of dimmers and switches, some of which work just fine without neutral wires, even for LED or CFL bulbs. But they require their own bridge device that connects to your LAN, and can be integrated with ST via a cloud-to-cloud integration.

So you do have some options, but like @ogiewon said, GE z-wave switches really aren’t a great one in your case.

There is a new Z-Wave Zooz line that works with existing 3 way dumb switches too.

Thanks everyone for the info. It stinks considering the house is only 1 1/2 years old. I was able to hook up a bunch of these downstairs but it looks like the guy wasn’t consistent with how he wired the lights.

Bummer. Where are you located?

I’m not an electrician but not having neutral wires in the switch boxes for a three-way light switch like that seems inconsistent with more recent revisions to the national electrical code (from what I’ve read around here).

Although that only applies in the US, and every municipality actually sets its own legal requirements with the NEC as just a guide.


If your area follows 2014 NEC code, then that wiring diagram isn’t legal.

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Apparently Pennsylvania only enforces the 2008 NEC codes. Lucky me.

Zooz switches wouldn’t work here either since they too require a neutral and direct connection to power in one of the boxes. In this diagram, the power source is by the fixture in the ceiling so the only option is a micro switch by the light or a Fibaro Dimmer / Aeotec Nano Dimmer in the box since they don’t need a neutral.

I have 4 or 5 of the ge switches mentioned that don’t require a neutral. I’m willing to sell or trade them. I moved and no longer have a need for them. Send a PM if you’re interested