Wiring 3way ge jasco switch

I have been looking at all kinds of articles and videos on 3way wiring, but they don’t look the same as mine. It is for a patio light. One switch is in family room in a 3 gang box and the other is in the master bath. Now from everything I have seen, both boxes should have 2 14/4 coming into them. We’ll the m. Bath only has one 14/4. This is were I am getting stumped. Any help appreciated.

Thanks, derek

For three ways you only need the one 14/4 coming into the box. The wiring is totally different than a traditional three way, and you will be changing connections in the main box.

Ok thanks for that. With that being said, I did stumble upon this great post http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php?topic=12497.0
Now I have the master switch working but not the aux switch. Now that’s where I am stuck.

Got it all working now! Woot!

@ Dbinaz - I too am having the same issue with the Master switch working but the AUX not. You mentioned you were able to get this working, was there anything you found out that might be helpful in getting this to work?