Wireless lightning control (battery-operated wall switch)?

Alright guys i just recently purchased a new house and i’m in the process of getting it set up with automation.
In my living room i have a ceiling light that doesn’t have a switch and was wondering if there is a wireless wall mountable switch i could use as i was thinking of just installing Philips Hue bulbs.

Sure there are several. :sunglasses:

The following thread (this is a clickable link) has the various options:

nothing on there really jumped out so i think i might just end up using the Philips Hue dimmer switch for my over head light, was hoping to find something that i could also control my lamps with

However the GE 45631 might work for what im looking to do. ill have to do more research on it

Did you look at the Cooper 9500? It’s very popular since it looks just like a regular switch.

The hue dimmer switches are fine, I use several, but that’s a parallel means of control. You can only control Hue bulbs with them, SmartThings won’t know it exists.

If you use the Cooper or one of the other devices from the FAQ list, you can also do other things with them like change the mode, turn on other lights, etc. But whatever works for you. :sunglasses:

The GE 45631 cannot be used for this. It’s a Z wave scene controller that talks directly to other Z wave devices in the same room. It doesn’t send its button presses to the SmartThings hub, and so you can’t use it to control zigbee smart bulbs.

The Aeon Minimote would probably work really good also but it doesnt have a true wall mont is the only issue and i would like it some what mounted like a switch

There are a few people who use an Aeon minimote as a wall mount, but not many, because, as you mentioned, it’s just not the right shape.

There are much better choices in the remotes FAQ. In particular, remotetec makes a very nice eight button flatback device which can be used as a wall mount or on a tabletop. It’s smaller than it might appear from the pictures, it is about the same size as a one gang wall switch. Each button can be tap, double tap, or long press so you actually get 24 different functions out of it.

Available on both US and UK Z wave frequencies. :sunglasses:

The SmartenIT 3 toggle also makes a nice wall switch. :sunglasses:

Again, both of these are in the button FAQs.

Not trying to be self-advertising, but I wrote a DTH for

It’s works well. I’m certainly enjoying it. The Included batteries still work after 7 months of daily use.

In addition, @motley wrote a DTH for:

Both are similar devices. Can be fitted either standalone or covering a light switch (left in 1 position).

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so that Go control is a Z wave controller so itll actively talk with the smartthings hub which then can talk to the philips bridge and command the lights on and off?

Yes, it works well for that. :sunglasses: ( It’s also listed in the remotes/buttons FAQ, by the way.)