Wireless Communication Between Arduino Uno and ST Hub Options


Really curious about your experience here…
Does your ObyThing Music example allow for unsolicited data from the LAN attached device to be sent to the ST Hub, and subsequently update the ST Cloud? Or does your code bypass the ST Hub altogether and attach to an OAUTH endpoint on the ST Cloud servers?

One limitation of using the LAN connected devices via the ST Hub that I have found is that you need to poll them via the ST Cloud in order to get data from them. This is fine for devices that are just waiting to be commanded to perform a function. However, for devices that are continuously monitoring sensors and sending data to the ST Hub (like temperature, humidity, open/close door sensors, etc…) it really is not practical. This is why I have used the ThingShield in the past, since it provides true two-way communication, where either device can initiate the conversation.

You could possibly also turn the Arduino + ThingShield into a sort of ST Gateway. Other Arduinos could communicate to the Gateway node via less expensive RF Arduino compatible devices. Take a look at http://www.mysensors.org/ for ideas of how you might be able to accomplish this. I have always wanted to incorporate some of the MySensors design into my ST_Anything project to allow one to extend the capability beyond one Arduino, without requiring multiple $35 ThingShields.

Here is a thread you might find useful. My son and I wrote this library a while back to help make using the Arduino + ThingShield simpler for everyone.