Wired Fire Detector

Before I purchase more Nest Protects, are there any good, wired fire alarm detectors that work good with ST?

Crazy but I cant find one by doing a search.
I did find a battery one by First Alert though

You mean a smoke detector, right? And you are in the US.

In that case, nest protect is the only widely available smart wired residential smoke sensor. There’s no direct integration with smartthings, however.

What you can do, is get any hardwired smoke detectors that you like and then add an “acoustic sensor“ which can listen for the specific Beep pattern which is required by law for smoke detectors in US residential installations. It will alert you when it hears the wired smoke detector go off.

There are two popular models of these.

  1. Ecolink makes a zwave one which as an official smartthings integration.
  1. Amazon Echo devices have a built in “guard“ feature which does the same thing.

This will work with any standard UL listed smoke detector to send a notification to you, but if you happen to be using either ring security or ADT security (but not, unfortunately, the smartthings/ADT system) it can also notify the professional monitoring center.

If you’re comfortable doing some wiring and installing custom device handlers, another alternative is to install a dumb relay wired into a contact sensor with secondary input. The acoustic sensor is a simpler option to install and configure, but this can be tucked away inside an electrical box if a clean look is important to you.

Another advantage of the acoustic detector, if you have CO detectors installed, is that it provides a separate CO alert based on the different beep pattern, while the FIrst Alert relay doesn’t distinguish between smoke and CO signals. If you have Kidde detectors, you can purchase separate relays and separate contact sensors to get both signals into ST.

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Thanks for the feedback. I guess I’ll just stick with the Nest Protects.

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If you’re in the US, the audio detectors will be able to signal when the nest protects go off if that’s of any interest. They work with any UL listed residential smoke sensor, they all use the same beep pattern. :sunglasses:

And, you can now integrate your nest protects to SmartThings using myNextManagerV2:

Does that allow you to trigger the alarm with a contact sensor?