Will Zigbee communicate to Z-wave through Smart things hub?

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This question has probably been answered before but I can’t find it anywhere…
I’ve just recently got a smart things wifi hub with Samsung security motion and door sensors and I’m looking for an outdoor alarm siren to connect to the hub. All of the outdoor sirens appear to be Z-wave. Will an automation for a Zigbee sensor to set off a Z-wave siren work if they are both connected to the hub?


Yes you could define a rule in Webcore so that a trigger from a Zigbee sensor activates the rule which in turn activates a Z-Wave siren.

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Yes, that functionality is built in to ST. You won’t need webcore do do that, unless you have something super complicated that ST can’t do with automations, scenes, and other available smartapps like smart lighting. I already do what you’re describing with ST’s built in automation capabilities.

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As long as the hub communicates with each, it doesn’t matter what protocol they use. :sunglasses:

You use the SmartThings app to create an “automation” (ST’s word for rule) so that when Device A sends a specific message to the hub, the hub sends a specific message to Device B.

You can use either the built in SmartLights or SmartThings Home Monitor feature for the use case you described. Or create your own automation.

The automation doesn’t care what protocol the first device used. As long as the hub understood it, that event can be used to have the hub send a message to the second device using whatever protocol that device requires. :envelope_with_arrow:

(Again, assuming both devices can already communicate with SmartThings. The hub is not a “universal translator” for any possible home automation protocol. But it does work with zwave, some zigbee profiles, and some WiFi devices.)