Will SmartThings meet my needs?

For the past 3 years or so I’ve been using a Vera system to control all my z-wave home automation devices. I recently started considering switching over to SmartThings due to the lack of support and updates from Vera. I have a specific set of needs that Vera has been meeting so far and I wanted to make sure SmartThings could do the same before I switched. I have a plethora of z-wave switches and outlets in my house that are currently controlled with my Vera. I also have it linked up to my Nest thermostat. I have scenes set up to turn lights on at a specific time in the mornings when I need to wake up. I also have certain lights set up to turn on automatically when either my wife or I arrive home after the sun has set using our iPhones as locators and a geofence setup. Finally, using the same geofence setup, I have my nest thermostat automatically go into away mode when both my wife and I are out of the house and switch back to home when we arrive home.

I know there isn’t anything overly complex in my needs but I wanted to make sure SmartThings could do it all before I jumped ship.

I can confirm that ST can do all of the above and more.

I also switched to ST for this very reason and in my experience it was not exactly a smooth sailing, but nevertheless, I don’t regret that I did, despite all the kinks. You gain some, you lose some. But being a coder, a maker and a HA hobbyist, I don’t mind fixing things myself were ST falls short. If you expect thing “just work”, you may find certain things don’t work as expected or not the way the did in Vera. Search the forums. There’s been a lot of ST vs Vera discussion.

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