Wifi Presence Detection (static IP)

My mother in law and sister in law will often stay at my home while my wife and I are out on a date night. Any way to detect their presence using a static IP address for their phone when it is connected to wifi?

My suggestion would be to see if IFTTT would do that. There are some applets that notify you when a specific device connects to a Google (OnHub) router and a D-Link router. It looks like those routers have specific IFTTT functions that allow that. If you have a different router, you may not be able to do that.

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It depends on your router.

See the community FAQ on presence detection, there are several posts there from community members who use Wi-Fi for presence. :sunglasses:

FAQ: The Many Ways of Detecting Presence

i decided to create a virtual switch for the two people i want to track presence for. I then used IFTTT and my tplink deco router. They have an itegration when a device connects to “turn on” a switch. Same for disconnects.

Should be a great solution for this as i am not disabling alarms or anything like that where it would be very time and location sensitive.