Wifi channels and zigbee channel

I’ve always used channel 1 wifi channel and channel 20 zigbee channel. All was well.

For whatever Reason certain wifi devices have stopped working on channel 1 so I’ve had to move to channel 11 because channel 6 is giving me the same issues annoyingly.

Always been told it’s best to try and keep wifi and zigbee channels as far away from each other as possible. Seems to be true because I’m not getting some zigbee devices going offline now that I’m using channel 11 on wifi.

Is it possible to use a higher zigbee channel?


It’s unlikely you would want to use a higher Zigbee channel, but since there are already at least three different FAQs on how Zigbee channels and Wi-Fi channels overlap, you should just take a look at one of those if you are interested in that.

FAQ: What WiFi Channel is least likely to interfere with SmartThings?

FAQ: Networking and Reducing Channel interference between WiFi and Zigbee

That said, under the new architecture, we no longer have the ability to change the Zigbee channel on a smartthings V3/Aeotec hub. I suspect this has to do with how thread was implemented. :thinking: