Width of motion detector view in GE/Jasco 26933

I’m looking at the GE dimmer + motion detectors (26933) for several places in my house. In one place, though, it’s a switch position that looks from one wall across the hallway at the end, and I’d like to trigger based on movement in the hallway.

Does anyone who has these motion detectors that can speak to how well it tracks motion off to the side? Is this something it would be able to handle, or would I need to mount a motion detector at the end of the hall instead and put in a regular dimmer instead?

Yes, I could just get one less than I need, try it in-place, and move it to a different location if it doesn’t work well. But I’d like to have some idea of whether this is a worthwhile thing to try.

I’m not sure what the detection area is precisely for that model, but all of these PIR motion sensors will detect most effectively when you walk across the field rather than straight on towards it. So you might want to take a look at the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Im interested in knowing this as well, wonder if a 180degree angle from the switch would work

I have some other places where I’m confident these will work, so I’ve ordered enough for those other locations. I’ll test width-of-view there, then figure out what I want to do upstairs. I’ll try to report back my observations.