Sensors and range

My question is: what is the effective range of most sensors on the market? I’ve invested in Aeotec sensors and when testing them I found the range was a lot less than what I thought it would be. I set the sensitivity to maximum in ST and it didn’t seem to make any difference.

Second question would be what sensors, if any, would better the Aeotec ones? As far as everything else we have integrated, we’ve had much success.

It varies a great deal from model to model. Recently @krlaframboise did an excellent blog article for the smartest House website comparing a number of the most popular Z wave models. So you should definitely take a look at that.

The best Z-Wave Motion Sensors: Compared - The Smartest House

In addition, make sure you understand how the PIR sensors work. They can be almost blind if you walk straight onto them. What they are detecting is very small changes in heat as it passes across the sensor lens. So the placement matters a lot in terms of how quickly they respond. And the apparent size of the detection field . See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Thanks Jdroberts! I read about the heat sensing somewhere so that confirms that aspect of it. I’ll definitely take a look at the article… I like the ability to mount these in the wall, so I hope I can find a solution. Maybe my expectations were a bit lofty, as the sensor arena is fairly new to me.

I did find that it sensed my movement better from extreme angles as opposed to straight on…so what you said makes sense

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I can add a little first hand experience with an Aeotec Gen 5 multisensor and a Go-Control/ Linear motion sensor. The Aeotec is in my living room, about 7-8 feet up on the wall, and approx 15 feet from my recliner. The Go-Control is in my dining room, about 7-8 feet up on the wall, and 18 feet or so from my recliner. The Go-Control will sense motion in the recliner where the Aeotec will not. My intention is to swap the sensors with each other. Anecdotally, the Aeotec multisensors (I have both an old 4 in1 sensor and the gen 5 multisensor) have not been as responsive for me as the Go-Control or the Ecolink sensors and I have had these sensors for several years in 2 different homes.

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Great info. I’ll check into the other sensors. We tested the fibaro and ST sensors in the same locations and got worse results than the Aeotec.

I found Centralite sensors. They claim a 30’ range. Gonna order one and test that sucker.

I don’t have any experience with the Aeotec sensors, but I did start off with the ST sensors and found that the range was lacking. I have switched to the Ecolink sensors, which have provided excellent coverage.

I typically place them in room corners to maximize cross-sensor motion, but I have found that even one that covers a long hallway gives me detection at approximately 25 feet when walking straight toward the sensor.

I’ve moved the ST sensors to over doorways to provide a sort-of room presence sensor.

We had them on the wall in the living room and it (Aeotec) would detect me only when at extreme side angles. Then tested them on the ceiling and only detected right under them. Going to test a couple more this week.

Just a quick update. Ordered in the Fibaro and Dome sensors to test in the same locations as the Aeotecs and the Domes obliterated them and the Fibaros pretty solidly. The Fibaros weren’t horrible (I really wanted them to work great), but I was impressed by the stark difference in performance of the Domes over the other two. Just an FYI.