Who makes the BEST Z-Wave dimmer? (Leviton, GE, Linear, Cooper)

Wait, wait, wait!

Read the whole thread carefully. The GE multi button remotes, including the 45631 wall mount model, do NOT work with SmartThings for most people. There is a commandset incompatibility.

IF you have another Zwave controller you can set it up with first, then you may be able to get it to work, but not with perfect integration.

This is why some people say they work and most people say they don’t.

In addition, a new problem has been introduced with the V2 have which means ones that were previously working with the V one hub have stopped working with the V2, but only for some people.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the list of things that do work:

Plus there are a couple of wall mount mains-powered multibutton controllers that work pretty well, but occasionally need an extra button press. The most popular is probably the Enerwave SC7. But it’s not battery-powered.