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While creating smartApp ,it response with error code 422

(Crossasyst Technologies) #1

SmartThing Api:
“appName”: “Testingapp”,
“displayName”: “Abc”,
“description”: “Abc”,
“singleInstance”: false,
“webhookSmartApp”: {
“targetUrl” : “

Authorization: bearer+Token
Content_type: application/json

Response: 422
“requestId”: “FEB11822-EB8E-44FF-BAAC-D9DA39F55527”,
“error”: {
“code”: “ConstraintViolationError”,
“message”: “The request is malformed.”,
“details”: [
“code”: “TargetTimeoutError”,
“target”: “”,
“message”: “Upstream target timed out”,

please give the solution to solve this error…

(Tony Fleisher) #2

Your target url is invalid or has errors.

(Crossasyst Technologies) #3

Just check it on postman with POST request.
It has OK response.

(Eric Rodewald) #4

At the time of app creation, that URL needs to be able to respond to a POST request “PING” challenge. This would indicate that the SmartThings servers did not receive a response at that URL.