Which SmartThings integrated indoor Camera? With free storage

HI looking at some cameras, 2 to monitor the kitchen and living room.
I dont want to pay for storage, I will use onedrive, google drive and home NAS.
Want integration with with smartthings to show live video feeds, recording and which i can delete daily… send alerts when motion when not home, when motion is detected it keeps the recordings at intervals you select such as 10seconds to mins etc… has night vision, 2 way voice…

Nothing exists that fits all of those requirements.

Whats the next best thing… I dont want to pay for storage

Probably Wyze cam. Free 2 weeks of storage of 12 second clips. Or buy a micro sd card and store as much as the card will hold.

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While it never really got momentum (yet!), the primary motivation SmartThings had for adding camera integration was as path to recurring monthly revenue.

So by definition SmartThings prefers to not integrate cameras that offer no fee storage! That’s what they will struggle with when negotiating with Wyze Labs (if ever - Wyze Labs also obviously wants to add monthly fees for enhanced features, once they have prolific market penetration).

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So which camera is good indoors with night vision has motion (not major requirement) but can use your local NAS box or onedrive or googledrive storage…

Have you looked at arlo pro 2.
Motion and audio detection
You can set video to record for either a set time up to 120 seconds, or up to 5 minutes as long as motion is detected. By the way if it goes by this value it just creates a new file. Doesn’t quit recording
2 way audio
Night vision
7 day free cloud storage and you can attach a usb drive for local storage

Only miss I see is using a NAS or cloud drive storage service. But if you are ok with the local usb drive on the base may be ok

There is also the Arlo Q which is pretty much everything the pro 2 is just not water resistant for outdoor use, requires a plug for power and only has the cloud storage option.

The free storage is for 7 days and up to 5 cameras

those specs are fantastic. Please share your findings.

Since when???
I must have missed that memo because my Samsung 6414 and Netatmo both have local storage, are viewable in and report in ST, Netatmo even report who is home and not in ST and backup online and to my local FTP server.

neither of those cameras are natively supported by SmartThings

Have you checked out Foscams?

  1. They have I think 7 days free cloud storage but you don’t need to use that.
  2. It can directly record to a SDcard or upload it your FTP server (could be public or private). There you can download, view delete etc your recordings and it’s unlimited.
  3. It will require a custom integration with SmartThings that will give you
    • motion notifications
    • ability to program/remotely arm/disarm motion detection
    • presets
    • cruises/tilt/pan etc.
  4. The live view with ST can be a little tricky but works reasonably well for most, but you can also use the native Foscam app for that.
  5. The cameras themselves are pretty good and range from basic SD to high def with battery/wired/wifi/NVR options
  6. Night vision
  7. Couple of other features (like the R2 has human detection mode)

Worth checking out.

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Funny, since I’m using the official ST DTH for the Samsung cameras and they’re on the list of officially supported devices. I will admit that the Netatmo require a community DT and App .

I suppose you’ve missed that SmartThings pulled support for their own cameras eh? Check the marketplace in the Classic app.

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Perhaps I missed what you said but arlo is the only camera left in the new smartthings app and all of the variations are still listed in the classic app. Arlo is most certainly supported with no special needs.

Sorry, was referring to RLDreams.

A difference here is that arlo is a cloud integration. It isn’t like the cameras are controlled by the hub like something needing a DTH. I would be interested to see how they differ in how they work.

I actually had the arlo q before Smartthings so I was already familiar with all of how arlo works. I like having the ability to use either for control and functionality. I would point out you need to use the arlo app to view archived footage.

Did you ever find what you were looking for? I have the same challenge and am looking for a solution.

What are your needs. Arlo is still the only officially supported camera.

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Thanks, got the arlo Q.