Which Schlage Connect Lock Device Type Handler to use as a baseline?

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I think all the features you describe are possible; and most of them are already in one or two (or three?) different variations of Community developed Device Type Handlers for this lock model.

The bit of frustration is first figuring out which one is a good (or the best) baseline and then build upon it.

I believe that @RBoy maintains a variation; and I think @ethayer and, ummm, @garyd9.

Each might chime in here and tell you if their variation is the closest fit to your required/desired features. And they might even add the features you request or give you (or anyone else that wants to pitch in), guidance.

The result of this Thread might be some good conclusive reference material to add to the http://ThingsThatAreSmart.wiki

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I think it’s a combination of SmartApps and DeviceTypes that will achieve all that needs to be achieved. The handlers out here are pretty good, similar and stable. I’ve specifically written mine to fix a few bugs in the base ST code (which should also be reverse integrated into the stock ST code in the next week or two) and designed the handler to achieve the above scenarios (plus more based on user requests) in combination with some SmartApps. A casing example is this SmartApp:

The “Schlage Alarm Mode” SmartApp which leverages those Alarm features and interacts to configure them based on rules.

To your point exactly, is now to build further on those rules to add more features, e.g. you would use a combination of these SmartApps I’ve written coupled with Rules Machines to make every scenario listed above.

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I’d love to know what you guys all use and what you think of your DTH.

Is the base Smartthings DTH good enough? Or worth upgrading to an open-source/paid version?

Good question to ask on the topic thread, thousands of folks using it. The ST DTH is as good as what you want you want to do with it. Locking, unlocking - perfect. It doesn’t however compensate for all the bugs in the lock firmware (e.g. Schlage FE 599) and doesn’t enable lock specific features (keypad enable/disable, audio feedback, alarms, autolock, built in door sensors etc). A few other bugs here n there are patched up and then for certain newer locks like RFID/Bluetooth locks it adds support for them. Again it comes down to which lock model and how you want to use the lock.

Hi, Just joined this community. Sorry if this was discussed. I have a Schlage connect 469zp lock and would like to know if I can send alerts through my Ecotec smartthings hub to my apple watch? I need to know when someone has entered my home or attempted to break in.
Thanks, Larryr