Which door lock handle/deadbolts allow for remote CODE changing through Smart Things?

I have been using a Kwikset Z-Wave door handle with a built-in keypad for years, and while I can lock and unlock remotely, and even see which code was used to unlock the door, I am unable to remotely CHANGE the code.

It’s been pretty difficult trying to find the answer. Which brand / series of door handles and/or deadbolts have the capability to allow for the remote changing of codes THROUGH SmartThings? Meaning, I want to be able to change the code from 1234 to 5678 on-demand using SmartThings (if possible of course).

Unless you’re wanting to write your own app, this is the way to do it.


For zwave, my understanding is that generally you need a device that has implemented the USER_CODE command class to remotely program codes.

There is a comparison table here with details on various lock models:

Perhaps @RBoy has a more detailed list.


@umuzidan, are you trying to do this without a SmartApp? And if so, why?? As you said you were looking for, SmartApps are controlled from within SmartThings

LUM was already mentioned, that’ll work. I use @RBoy’s app which is prob the most feature rich


There is also the Smart Lock Guest Access smartapp using the Z-wave Lock device handler


I can say that this does work with a Kickset Z-wave lock. As jkp points out make sure you use the default Z-wave Lock DTH. There is also one called Z-wave lock with codes, as much as you might be inclined to don’t use that one, it doesn’t work with the Smart Guest access app in the new app.

Do you know the exact model, as @TonyFleisher linked you can also look at the post to compare features for various lock models. There are two basic types of Kwikset models the new 8xx series and the older 9xx series which have slightly different features but both support remote programming.