Where to begin?

(Murrion) #1

As a developer, where is a good place to start with SmartThings?

(James Stolp) #2

@murrion - Welcome! If you’ve just heard about SmartThings and haven’t already seen them, I would recommend starting with a couple of documents that were previously shared. If you have already seen them, sorry for the duplication!

Enabling the Community with SmartThings Technology
SmartApps Developer Overview

Aside from that, you can get a little more familiar with the SmartThings vision and platform by visiting the Kickstarter project page.

Hope this helps some!

(Murrion) #3

Hi James,


Thanks for replying. I’m brand new to SmartThings, I only saw it mentioned today on the DublinWebSummit live stream.

Thanks for those, I’ll get stuck in to those.