Where should topics about device types go?

I am pretty unclear on where to share or ask questions about device types. Connected Things?

Somewhere under Devices & Integrations. Depends on the specific question as to where under there.

@Ben is the one with the answers

We are fixing this issue by simplifying some of the device sub-categories. Let us know if something goes amiss.

Some of the individual smart device types and/or smart apps have literally hundreds of posts now.

I’m thinking specifically of the
Enerwave SC07 smart device type and the actION SmartApp, although I’m sure there are more. For custom code, not physical devices.

These could use standard organization: General FAQ, how to install, troubleshooting FAQ, help needed requests, feature requests, release notes. And maybe additional topics based on particular issues (like I/O). And most importantly, a way to keep all of these grouped together.

I don’t think this just gets solved with a code repo. Perhaps a combination of code repo and subcategories in the forum?

I understand a desire to keep the forum uncluttered, but without hashtags for topic titles, it’s pretty hard to find this stuff now.

I’ve been here long enough now that I’ve read posts I know answer a new question, but I can’t find the old posts.

Just a thought. :blush:

Rumors are that “tagging” is finally coming in the next commercial release of Discourse.

That will make it a lot easier to find related items, but quite a backlog of tagging to do!