Where do you get 1/2aa 3.6v batteries?

I have a bunch of water sensors that need them … I’ve been buying them from the local batteries plus but at $8-$9 per they are spendy since they only seem to last about 6 months. There are cheaper ones on Amazon but none of them get great reviews. Anyone have a good source, or a brand that is reliable from Amazon?

See the existing thread. The topic title is a clickable link. :sunglasses:

hmm … don’t see anything about the 1/2AA, 3.6V size in there.

Digikey.com or arrow.com

I use batteryjunction.com for batteries. I don’t use 1/2aa 3.6v but they have them.

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Thanks giving them a shot … ordered two different brands, cost as much as 1 from the local place even after shipping. We’ll see if there is a difference between the two.