Where do I get the invitation for an edge driver?

HI , can somebody please clarify for me please , how you install and use Edge Drivers.

From reading a few posts it seems you have to be invited by the developer of the driver to their channel and then install from there.

However where Im struggling is that none of the developers provide a link to their channel in their posts !!! and then how do I use the driver after.

Sorry but could I get a very basic explanation please

Thank you in advance … Andy

Not sure where the confusion is: almost all the author threads I’ve seen in this forum do provide an invitation link in the first post in the thread, except for a few which are private, and then the author usually tells you how to get the invitation.

Can you list one or two of the specific edge drivers you couldn’t get subscribed to and then we can see what the issue is.

For example, here is the author thread for Mariano’s very popular sensor edge driver.

First, he gives a list of all the devices that are included in the driver.

Then he gives you the link for where to get the invitation.

That’s his usual format, so if you were looking at his edge drivers, you need to look down near the end of the first post. :thinking:

If you are using a voice reader and have difficulty getting through all those long lists of included devices, just add a post to the thread and say: “I had trouble getting through the first post, can someone just give me the invitation link?“ And I’m sure someone will.

Ok so please follow this link and tell me where I missed the link to the channel

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The problem is that is not the developers thread.

They this link.

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The topic title as can be seen is

“Requesting EDGE driver” they are asking for help

Admittedly there is no button to magically make things work but a basic understanding of what a link is and the ability to know what to do with a link is required