When we will get an option to alert when sensors go offline?

One thing that I struggle is to have to check the app all the time for devices going offline.
Often restarting the hub is enough.
Why don’t SmartThings app doesn’t allow us to set a notification based on the status of the device?

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Smartthings is still building out the system as they have been slowly moving away from the groove platform.

Currently I complete this task in Webcore. Sends me a text at 5 am if anything is offline. Hopefully Smartthings will have a suitable replacement before Webcore goes away.

To manually look i find its easier to go into the IDE. Click on devices, wait a second for it to pull all the devices then click on status. This will filter your offline to the top of the list if there is any.

Indeed, the IDE is how I am checking manually what is down in one go.
I made a quick test using the api to get the status of all the devices. But feel lack of tutorials on how to create smart apps for SmartThings.
I guess this would be the way to go, but difficult for me, as I am not a developer.

I use this SmartApp