Whats in your good morning routine?

I am starting to set up my good morning routine and wondering what other people are doing with their good morning.

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The following should be of interest. :sunglasses:(This is a clickable link)

to make it simple, I do the following in my Good Morning routine.

a. Turn-on the lights I will need to dress, navigate the house, and make coffee.
b. Power on my speaker via a switch.
b. Turn off bedroom fan, porch light, and all other switched items (verify state)
c. Set Thermostat to a day-time setback (work-days).

Note, If you are going to use Alexa to activate, then security items can not be in the Routine. Alexa will automatically disable the entire routine. If you are not using Alexa, you can also set the house to the relevant mode.

You could also set up virtual switches to do other actions. Takes some coding, but could be powerful. For me, I will be creating an event-based action to play a specific TuneIn channel one minute after starting the wake routine and then, after 4 minutes, play the weather using the Audio Notification capability. Requires compatible WiFi speaker.

You can still do it, just to get around the echo restriction put all of the security stuff into a SmartThings routine (not an Alexa routine) and activate that routine with a virtual switch.

Then include the virtual switch coming on in your echo routine and everything will run fine. :sunglasses:

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Ours automatically runs “when things start happening” with our bedroom motion sensors between 5:30 am and 7 am. Does the following:

  1. changes mode to Home
  2. Disarms Smart Home Monitor
  3. Adjusts thermostat
  4. unlocks door to the garage
  5. turns on the wife’s outlet by the vanity
  6. Turns off the sitter presence and Broncos game (in case I forgot to the night before)
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Similar. When things start happening from 5:30 am till 11 am.
Change mode to home which automatically disarms smart alarm

Unlock garage side door so ups can
Leave packages. That’s it.


Mine is pretty similar to others here. All this automatically happens at 7am every weekday (I have others for weekends):

Sets mode to home
Disarms smart home monitor
Turns on my bedroom lights
Plays the weather forecast for the day (using BigTalker and LANNouncer!)


My Good Morning routine does the following:

  • Disables all alarms
  • Turns on kitchen island light (so I can see while I’m making coffee)
  • Has my Google Home reply “You too, cutie.” (Yes, I’m that needy.)
  • Has Google Home tell me the day’s weather

You didn’t ask, but my Goodnight:

  • Enables alarm/home
  • Turns off all lights in family room (where we are 99% of the time before we go to bed)
  • Turns on bedside lights in bedroom
  • Turns on entry way light (we take the dogs out for a last potty break)
  • Checks all doors and windows in the house and tells us if any of them are open
  • Has GH say “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” (What my mom said to me when I was a kid…I still like hearing it.)

Great idea for a thread, @j.wendell. :slight_smile:


Good morning routine…

Change mode to Home at 08:30
This stops lights being triggered by a motion sensor in the hall (which would otherwise cause certain lights to come on for 3 mins)
When mode is Home, lights are allowed to be triggered by a light sensor as it gets dark

At 23:30 (or when the panic button is pressed), mode changes to Goodnight
This allows the motion sensor in the hall to put certain lights on for 3 mins

So, the modes are acting as a condition which allows lights to be triggered differently according to time of day