What projects are you currently working on?

code, code, code…

Enhanced Schlage touchscreen door lock device type (full support for the device over generic z-wave lock support)

Enhanced z-wave garage door opener (this one has been submitted to ST to hopefully replace the default and only partially functional device type)

Starting to mess around with a z-wave switch (and dimmer switch) type that provide more than very basic functionality (intelligent indicator light params based on manufacturer, support for additional config params, etc.)

Several random smartapps for doing things the way ** I ** want them done instead of a generic implementation.

Several random smartapps that enhance ones provided by ST that fix defects/bugs. (Example: if a light turns on for 3 minutes when a door opens, provide a way to cancel the turn-off event)


I have been working on a LAN based Raspberry Pi device type for replacing an old alarm system (wired motion, door contacts and glass break). Also using that to add a couple of Piezo sensors to the top and bottom steps on the stairs to turn on lights when someone starts up or down the stairs.

Modified the TED5000 device type to use LAN communication so I don’t have to open ports on the firewall to use it.

Added emailing pictures as attachments when taken with the Generic Camera Device. This will be used with my Driveway alert (probably hooked to a Raspberry Pi) to take pictures with my Driveway camera and text them to me when anyone comes down the driveway.

Starting to play with using a Thermopile Array as part of a room occupancy sensor. This should help make it so the lights don’t go out on us when we are sitting still in a room too long and don’t trigger a motion detector.


Building a GIS map of things, updated to reflect install of two Smart Sense Motion acting as repeaters


I’ve been working on a major UI redesign for the SharpTools Android App. I originally designed SharpTools to add Widgets and Tasker plugins for SmartThings, but I have also been using the app as a quick and easy remote control for SmartThings.

Since I started using SharpTools as a basic remote control, I decided I should probably give the UI a bit of loving and did a big ‘material’ / ‘cards’ redesign which is currently released to alpha testers:

After the redesign gets fully released, I’ll be working on improved Widget support (including showing the current thing state).

Edit: The card material/card design of SharpTools is officially released.


A Zigbee tank level sensor using Aduino/Xbee and a seeedstudio ultrasonic distance measuring sensor.
Don’t know how well the sensor will go in a big concrete water tank yet but I guess I’ll find out.


I’m working on Valentine’s special release of ActiON Dashboard which will be released tomorrow. It will also include specialty tiles for interlinking several dashboards and separate tiles for lights.

Also, laying foundation for upcoming features, such as thermostats, groups and themes.


Status tile for my MakerBot 5th Gen so smartthings can alert me when there is an error or a print has completed.


How cool! Curious: What kinds of projects do you make with your 3d printer? Keep me updated on project, i have a personal curiousity! I love 3d printing, and if i can integrate ST, i wanna know how you did it!


A device driver for iTachs TCP/IP serial controllers. Will use for changing some EQ curves in my main audio system.


I’m currently waiting on the arrival of a couple of Arduino Mega2560 to update my Garage controller from the Arduino SmartShield Garage Controller project to this from @ogiewon:

Adding a few more sensors to it and then testing my hand at adding a voltage sensor.

If the voltage sensor can be integrated into the ST_Anything project, that will open up the possibility of utilizing it to monitor doorbells, third-wire smoke detectors, and anything that uses a electronic buzzer for signalling.



Mostly cases for other projects, like arduino/pi type stuff. I did make a kick ass arc reactor for my cousin, though.

The Gen5 has a json-rpc server running on port 9999 that I can pull the information on and parse over wifi. The ugly side is it has a Fcgi server running for Oauth, that it looks like has to generate a new token every time I connect to it run the “get_system_information” method. Good news, is once I figure that out, it is just parsing the results and deciding which things I want to display… it dumps pretty much everything you can see from the makerware software. I see a camera stream coming out of it also, but I don’t think I will try to do anything with that, unless I can find a method that just dumps a picture somewhere.

An Arc Reactor? wait… like… Stark… ? Am I getting this right? Do you have photos and such!? that sounds really freaken awesome, and I can speak this language. :smile:

@Falcogeorge Twice this year I ran out of oil. Because Oil Tanks are regulated by the Fire Code I cant put anything in side. I started to go down a path to draw up an Aduino and set of pressure sensors to weigh the tank and convert weight to volume to measure how much Oil I had left. This fell apart after days of searching for a set of pressure sensors that could read the 1 ton full tank weight that did not cost a thousand dollars.

Another design I saw that I like was using a traditional mechanical level sensor and attaching a magnet to the bob sending the magnet location as the level location.

Good Luck

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I have been pleasantly surprised at my successes so far. It appears to work quite well. I haven’t got the final version set up yet since I need to get a Zigbee extender sorted out but it does appear to be operating as desired.

I design industrial scale storage systems so there my be a difference in the residential code, however unless you have any over riding local ordinances, NFPA will allow “intrinsically safe” devices… which means a mechanical level device or an ultrasonic device like this http://www.amazon.com/Rocket-7000-Wireless-Level-Monitor/dp/B001W20K0A in an AST (Above ground Storage Tank)
perhaps there is a way to get it to talk to an Aduino.

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I looked closely at that device, unfortunately it operates on 914.6 MHz FM. I started down a path to get an RF receiver that accepts 914 MHz and out-puts 908 Z-Wave but could not find anything in my research. I am not confident my technical skills will support tampering with the device’s internal parts on the sensor. Probably could find a way to do it with the remote monitor readout though but have not tried (yet).

Raw parts


I, like a lot of people here, lose track of the world when I am in the lab, so I had it on a smartthings shield and it would light up when the motion sensor on the stairs would go off. But like I told my wife, let’s face it, this isn’t the worst thing she has caught me doing… and one motion sensor light wasn’t enough… I have 6 I want to see when they get triggered, so I need a new device with 6 LEDs. I have everything working on the shield and Device type, just need final assembly and to come up with a smart app… but you can probably figure out where I am going with this…

P.S. Get more Shields in stock… I am out!


Solving my Comcast Woes

My latest gadget, which combines a Raspberry Pi, a cellular Mifi hotspot, a few GPIO connected relays and a xmpp connection, allows me to remotely monitor and power cycle my Comcast Cable modem and my router. Works like a charm. Everyone with Comcast in a summer home should have one. I will post images as soon as I am permitted (restricted for new signons).

Would love to integrate into ST.

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Hi, guys!
I’m presenting a team of developers, and we have an idea of creating a mobile app that will let you control your smart home via voice commands. It’s similar to INSTEON mobile app, in particular at interface and functionality, but we are developing a way of how to teach your smart home to easy and natural voice commands.
So, I’d like to hear all your thoughts about that. How do you think, are you interested in voice-controlled smart home? What problems did you face in terms of controling your homes? Do you think that voice control is better than manual? Please, describe you experience of sm. home usage.
We will appreciate your opinions and recommendations. Thanks!