What projects are you currently working on?

I looked closely at that device, unfortunately it operates on 914.6 MHz FM. I started down a path to get an RF receiver that accepts 914 MHz and out-puts 908 Z-Wave but could not find anything in my research. I am not confident my technical skills will support tampering with the device’s internal parts on the sensor. Probably could find a way to do it with the remote monitor readout though but have not tried (yet).

Raw parts


I, like a lot of people here, lose track of the world when I am in the lab, so I had it on a smartthings shield and it would light up when the motion sensor on the stairs would go off. But like I told my wife, let’s face it, this isn’t the worst thing she has caught me doing… and one motion sensor light wasn’t enough… I have 6 I want to see when they get triggered, so I need a new device with 6 LEDs. I have everything working on the shield and Device type, just need final assembly and to come up with a smart app… but you can probably figure out where I am going with this…

P.S. Get more Shields in stock… I am out!


Solving my Comcast Woes

My latest gadget, which combines a Raspberry Pi, a cellular Mifi hotspot, a few GPIO connected relays and a xmpp connection, allows me to remotely monitor and power cycle my Comcast Cable modem and my router. Works like a charm. Everyone with Comcast in a summer home should have one. I will post images as soon as I am permitted (restricted for new signons).

Would love to integrate into ST.

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Hi, guys!
I’m presenting a team of developers, and we have an idea of creating a mobile app that will let you control your smart home via voice commands. It’s similar to INSTEON mobile app, in particular at interface and functionality, but we are developing a way of how to teach your smart home to easy and natural voice commands.
So, I’d like to hear all your thoughts about that. How do you think, are you interested in voice-controlled smart home? What problems did you face in terms of controling your homes? Do you think that voice control is better than manual? Please, describe you experience of sm. home usage.
We will appreciate your opinions and recommendations. Thanks!

I’m quadriparetic, so voice control is very important to me. :blush: I am currently using a method Will Poirier developed that involves Siri and ifttt to control smartthings functions. Other people are using hardware options, Like Ivee and Ubi, and android users have a whole different set of available options. There is also an official smartthings voice control app for the Samsung gear S smart watch.

We have a pretty active topic that discusses all of these, so you might check that out.

I love the idea of voice control for ST. I am waiting for my Amazon Echo to show up in May so I can start looking into integrating with ST. I have already contacted Amazon and they did say that ST is on their to do list for official API support…no timeline of course.

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Just ordered 3 Nexus 7 (2013 model) tablets. Google discontinued them a couple days ago so I snatched 3 up to use as wall mounted control panels. Great tablet for a great device. Excited about the potential.

Will be using various apps to fully ST enable them, along with other functionality. Motion Detector for presence activation, etc.

Trying to decide if I should update them to Adroid 5.1. We’ll see!

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Our team is doing a smart ring,We want to do a mass consumer electronic products,We want to be a fashion, popular electronic products

This is what i’m working on, I call it Weather Panel. It’s inspired by 625alexs’s SmartTiles project. It grabs the weather and outside temp from the default SmartWeather Station Tile device and inside temp from any temp sensor and places it on top a randomized wallpaper that is stored in dropbox. The whole thing is presented as a webapp. I’m finishing up testing and documentation now, i hope to have the code released by the end of the month. :wink:


I would love to see different elephants representing of different temperature times. A wooly mammoth for -0* F, and a regular african elephant for regular 70-90* temperature.

Joking aside, that’s awesome to see this. I’m particularly interested in the documentation, but something clean like this is something I’m personally looking forward to.

Cheers! End of May can’t come soon enough for me!

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Per request, nothing special really.
DiswasherNanny: PEQ water sensor hacked into a contact sensor, powered from the 3V supply of an aeon micro, mounted on top of the dishwasher. App monitors temp change, uses aeon micro to drive small neon indicator, using Aeon’s device blinkers modes, slow flash when DW is active, steady light when cycle is done, super fast blink when door is opened to remind to put dishes away. Pushing button on panel resets indicator.

WholeHouse Fan: Aeon dual micro with relays, driver hacked to run two speed fan. Hacked ST multi, powered from 3v aeon micro, ST multi suspended in front of fan, contact used to indicate fan run status, xyz used to monitor fan load (cut speed back if not enough windows are open), app inputs from internal and external temp sensors and window contact sensors to activate fan and control speed.
I probably could have grabbed the fan load from the Aeon’s energy reporting, but it was flakey, and abusing the ST multi seemed like more fun…


Has anyone created a template for capturing project ideas? I’m using a spreadsheet with Device, Location, Type, Category, Function. What I think I’m missing is things like scene integration and other information. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I hope someone else has put together a template for this.

I’m working on another Smartthings webapp. I call this one Timely Presence. In my “test” house it is 10:31 pm, Dad and daughter are out while mom and son are home. You will be able to choose any jpeg image you wish to represent the individual members in your home and it will change from full color to grey scale depending on their presence status.
If you haven’t already guessed i use all my old cellphones and tablets as weather stations, clocks, or for smarttiles around my house.


Here is a link where you can see what we are doing at the VA.
VASmarthome Demo


Here is a link to a project I am prototyping


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Really nice! The proprioception fractal tracker is very cool, I haven’t seen that before. :blush:

At some point you might consider displaying interior room temperature to go along with some of the other activity data. Not everyone is temperature-sensitive, but a lot of TBI patients are, and it can be a helpful part of activity review. Also many quads and paras have pain management issues at different temperatures.

At my house, if interior temperature is below a certain point at wake up, a blue light comes on to remind me to have my dog bring me warmer clothes. (My outfits are prepacked so the dog can bring them all at once.) I don’t always feel it, but it makes a big difference in functionality and pain management.

Yeah so there are 2 projects. The VA (which is TBI specific) and the ColbrenHomes which is my personal venture. In ColbrenHomes I did plan to have temps and even highlight rooms when there is motion. Want it to be very dynamic. The real point of ColbrenHomes is not so much the software itself, but to provide a storyboard for ideas to present to home builders etc.

When the VA Smarthome project started, it really started purely as a tracking system using the Ubisense UWB RTLS system to track a patient’s path. One of the first uses was for Bill Kearns at University of South Florida across the street to look at what he calls the Fractal-D (measure of wandering) in hopes of predicting brain cognition levels and to predict fall risk. As far as TBI we never had a use case for temperature. I always enjoy getting insight from you on how you might use the system because Spinal Cord Injury is one of the places where we have thought of applying the system. Unfortunately there is a good chance this project may not be funded past Oct

My current integration project is TV notifications for SmartThings. The current plan is to use the NeTV as a HDMI passthrough to provide video overlay notifications. Its the only device that I’ve found that can do Video overlay on HDCP encrypted feeds, so it should simply always work. :smile: