What Modes have you created?

The following thread has some examples from different members:

And although the following FAQ is about routines, it also includes a lot of discussion of modes:

At our house, one of the most useful modes has been “asleep.” That means I’m asleep which could be really any time of the day, I have a very irregular schedule. If the house is in asleep mode, I’m home, but there are a number of things that I don’t want to have happen or they would wake me up.

For a few months we even had two of these, one for asleep during the day and one for asleep at night but eventually we realized we only needed the one.

I know there are several other members who have a similar mode for “baby sleeping” for similar reasons.

But different households will use modes very differently. A lot depends on whether it feels natural to you – – if you have to keep looking up what the different modes mean, then you should probably use fewer of them! :sunglasses:

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