What is your favorite Smart Device and why,


Smart lock, speaker, sprinkler etc. What is your favorite and why?

Mine is Alexa integration with all of my devices.


Definitely Alexa. Changed my life. :sunglasses:

(Robin) #3

The mag lock on my my back gate… no more fumbling with a long key and scraping my knuckles on the wood… just releases when I get home.

(Bobby) #4

Here is my top 10…


Which did you buy?



Why did you go with this lock?

Kwikest 914 Smart Lock (z-wave)11 - because no door should be left unlocked when it could be done automatically and without the fear of being locked out.

Why did you need both
MimoLite Relay14 - because no garage door should stay closed when your car approaches


MyQ Opener10 - because one must know if SmartThings presence sensor misfired and accidentally opened the garage door

Lastly was Bloomsky necessary? I have a Rainmachine and it’s weather service has been on point and reports humanity and chance of rain. Does Rach.io not deliver?

(Robin) #7

It’s not a ready made smart lock… but with a bit of tinkering you can integrate anything:

(Bobby) #8

I wanted zwave and was the newer model of 910 when I got mine. I like the design of the lock too…

My Q was among the first gadgets I bought for HA in my Wink days. Then when I came to ST, I wanted a mesh opener that could run locally one day. And when v2 came out that day arrived… :smile: I retired My Q a long time ago.

Not necessary to run Rachio but necessary to have my own weather station. Rain Machine is what I had before Rachio, but I killed it because I don’t like companies who force you to upgrade your tech. When Rain Machine 2 came out, had features not available for v1 users. That to me is bad business. Rchio maintains features on v1 and v2 alike (I have v1 and very happy with it).

Bloomsky is great but I find Netatmo better. Needless to say, I am running both and I don’t remember last time I opened the Bloomsky app. I don’t even have it connected in ST anymore…


So you have the newer Chamberlain? And no longer use MimoLite?


Very smart. It just seems there are a few points of possible failure. But I think you setup a great idea

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #11

Personally, I have to say my favorite is my echo devices. I have 3 echos and 6 dots. They are literally the heart of my home control.

I look at my system as two independent systems.

The first is the automation control. That is handled by CoRE and smart lighting. Those take care of the every day things.

The second is the control of the system. That’s where the Alexa comes in. Along with EchoSistant I have total control of the house.

So, to pick a device, my echoes.

(Bobby) #12

The other way around…

(Robin) #13

Been working flawlessly since I built the setup over a year ago… but yes, lots of components = risk of failure :grimacing:

(Pizzinini) #14

I feel bad about saying it but it is the presence device function of the SmartThings app on my phone. Most automations happen when someone leaves, someone returns or dependent on the fact if the house is occupied or not without any further interaction.

(Ray) #15

Definitely Amazon Echo. It changes the way my wife and kids interact with tech and music.