What is the rough range of the presence sensor?

I’ve got an idea for a new automation I want to build … but it will hinge upon how far the presence sensor tags will register.

Specifically, I was thinking about affixing a presence sensor to the bottom of one the trashcan that our local waste company comes and empties out twice a week. I’d obviously have to find a way to do it securely so that it doesn’t come off while they’re man-handling the trashcan into the garbage truck itself … but what I was thinking was that on the nights before trash pickup, I could have a SmartApp which would trigger when I do the “Good Night!” action and see if the trash can presence sensor can still be seen (i.e.: it’s still in our garage) and if so - tell me through Sonos “It looks like you didn’t take the trash out…”

Has anyone tried to accomplish this?

The distance from the front of our house, to the curb where the trashcan waits to be picked up … is probably about 75 feet.

I don’t think 75 feet might be enough. My mailbox is about 80 feet, and if often sees me back home when I stop by it to get the mail. And that is having a repeater in the garage with the door closed.

It would take some serious patience to test the actual range of these pups as there is built-in delay as well as latency involved, and of course it also depends on your hub location and any repeaters that are on your network.

The zigbee presence sensor has a range of about 35 to 50 feet, but that’s to the nearest device on your network.

I would do this a bit differently. I would use some kind of sensor inside the garage that showed activity, or “closed” when the trashcan was parked there rather then trying to catch it at the curb. That way you would have control over where the contact is made.

This would be really easy with either a contact sensor, or perhaps a pressure Mat.

We discussed a similar idea in the past in the forum with regard to knowing when A Roomba was parked at the charging station versus driving around the room.

If you just use a regular contact sensor you can get one now at Best Buy for under $25. The pressure Mat might cost more than that but has less risk of being damaged.

Then for your trashcan scenario have a notification that runs just on trash night at a specific time to tell you if the trashcan is still in the garage, rather then if it’s out at the curb. :blush: