What is Mariano Shared Beta Driver?

I was able to successfully convert all my devices, minus a few, using the “Mariano Shared Beta Driver” site. What is this site and what have I signed up for? And, of course, who is Mariano? A very helpful site but I am now Enrolled and it would help to know what that means. Thanks.

He is one of the Community Developers who has build numerous Edge Drivers.

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Hi @danfelix

I am a retiree living in Spain, I have a lot of free time and I have taken advantage of the functionality that smartthings offers for free to customize all the edge drivers that control the zigbee and zwave devices in my house.

I was asked, in the edge development phase, to share the drivers with other users with an edge channel and I did.
I kept adding the devices and functions that other users requested and I have been able to implement, that were not covered by the stock smarttings drivers and here I am, glued to my PC when I am not doing many other things that keep me alive.

I’m thinking that with what the CPI is going up, electricity… etc. when I have enough users hooked on the channel, I’m going to ask them for a ransom to enter a bank in a tax haven and I’ll go on vacation :smile:

If you need something that I can offer you, here I am


13 of my 23 physical devices are using your shared Beta driver.

Do you know if SmartThings is going to consolidate all of these drivers or will there always be multiple driver packages going forward?

Thank you. You’ve contributed a great deal of time and effort. Much appreciated. Your help is invaluable. Dan.

Hi @ronczap

I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think smartthings consolidates them.
Smartthings gave up manufacturing the hardware for DYC home automation devices that it had years ago and is now manufactured by Aeotec.
Its products for the smartthings platform are Samsung home appliances and it offers DYC home automation support as a very attractive complement that can attract more customers.

As the company that maintains the platform, it will be adding features to device drivers, if manufacturers order and pay for them.
how much more attractive smartthings platform is for manufacturers to want to certify their products, with something more than the basic functions, the more potential income they will have, but it is not a direct relationship and only smartthings know what their real objective is in this market.

So I don’t expect stock edge drivers to increase their functionality much more or officially add many zigbee or zwave device fingerprints. It is to be expected that Matter will grow in smarttings.

Manufacturers of zigbee and zwave devices will have to consider whether they are interested in continuing to bet on this technology in smartthings and develop their own edge drivers and distribute them through their own channels (Aeotec, Zooz, Inovelli…), certify with smartthings for stock drivers or leave it in the hands of the users with community drivers and little by little abandoning this technology and betting on Matter.

Who knows?


Thank you for the explanation. I suppose we can only hope that SThings will not be abandoned.

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Smartthings is at the beginning of a very hopeful new stage. I never wanted to convey any doubt about its continuity.
I only have doubts about how Matter will affect to zigbee and zwave in the medium term


Boa noite Mariano. Instalei o driver para interruptores com múltiplos gang e funcionaram até a primeira vez que o hub foi desligado por uma falta de energia. Depois os interruptores não são mais atualizados e nem consigo comandar os interruptores com esse driver. Já reiniciei o hub e o roteador, mas não resolveu. Observação tem outros interruptores que não estão com esse driver e estão funcionando normalmente. Poderia verificar?

Hi @Kleber

Try to uninstall the child device and then recreate it.

You can also uninstall the whole device and install it again.

When you want to tell me something, tag me with @Mariano_Colmenarejo otherwise I don’t know

Oh how we all laughed! I am bookmarking this so that in a year it will be interesting to see how it ages


Boa noite @Mariano_Colmenarejo, exclui os interruptores e configurei novamente mas o problema continua. Todos os 30 interruptores que estão com o driver da imagem, apresentam I mesmo problema. Eles ficaram com erro de conexão depois que o hub foi desligado e religado.
Uploading: 4D40B40B-5C4D-46E0-9950-DC88A12220EB.png…

LOL…that’s funny. But with all the ransomeware concerns these days…hmmm.

Thanks for your hard work and sharing it with us. Do you enjoy retirement in Spain? Are you a native of Spaniard? I’m retired, too, but keeping the house running is enough work for me!

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Hi @OldPro

IYes, I live in Spain, in a town near the mountains and close to the city of Madrid.
I try to continue doing many things, sports, computers and many botched jobs that come from friends and family, carpentry, plumbing, electricity and electronics, hahaha and grandchildren to stay active. too active :joy:


Ok Mariano, break over… get back to work please :rofl:


There is a saying in Spain: Some have the fame and others card the wool!

Translated is that we Spaniards are famous for enjoying siestas and parties and we work more than many others, who seem to only work all day :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


After looking for fortrezz mimo drivers, i was directed to SmartThings Edge-Driver-Collection | Z-Wave Europe - The leading european distributor for Smart Home products. which eventually lead me to this thread. Thanks for the edge drivers. I migrated my smart home from Vera to SmartThings and i am liking it so far. Initially had problems with most of my existing devices but found support from the community created drivers, so thanks.

Have few devices left that are not completely configured. Can I ask if the drivers in the shared beta drivers list from Mr Mariano includes support for the Fortrezz Mimo2? (descriptions are generic zwave but the link above points it for Fortrezz devices)

Hi @Robie

Sorry, I don’t have any drivers for those devices.

@philh30 may have something on his channel

Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo

I’m very new to this and chanced upon your profile upon hours of research and trying and testing.

Context: I’ve been using smartthings for the past 2 years. Some of my Zemismart zigbee switches has suddenly stopped working over the last 24 hours, wasn’t too sure what happened but realised a lot of the secondary switches wasn’t working. I am by any means a developer or technical, i simply just youtube videos and copy and paste. This used to work however, after 2 years, not too sure what has changed.

Do you know what supposedly has changed and why my devices are not working?

Eg: My 2 gang zemismart switch - only the left switch is working on smartthings, the right switch isn’t functional anymore (name of the switch is still correct, however, there isn’t a switch button on the app to turn it on or off)

Thank you for this.

Hi @sirjeremylucas

This is because the fingerprints of your device are not in any driver and it has been paired with a generic switch.

I need the fingerprints, manufacturer and model to be able to add them to my driver in August when I have access to the CLI and my pc

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