What is in your smartapp arsenal?

Basic usage currwntly, widgets and on TV via Fire TV app… I used to have Tasker, but no longer…

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Sharptools, Smart Lighting, SmartTiles, Notify Me When, Ask Alexa, IFTTT. Plus a handful of small customizations.


What’s keenect?

Tell me about Chromecast manager, Google Assistant and trendsetter

Is beaconthings manager a ble gateway?

The best smart app for the Keen Smart Vents


BeaconThings is an easy way to connect a beacon to SmartRules


Can this work with CoRE?

Yes, a beacon is basically a presence sensor that turns to “present” when you are close (a couple of feet) to it.

You may consider Echo: Notifications for all those Sonos Tts. I have at least 20 of those nicely tucked under EchoSistant. The Notification Add-on is the Notify me with Sound on steroids! :smile:

…, yes I should! I promise I will get to it 'this week :slight_smile:

Some of them are @ule 's Media Remder Events app that use external tts. This app has the same logo. I am still planning to get other voices to work when I have some time (e.g. male with British accent)

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You me both. I have same plans for external tts for EchoSistant but… no time :smile:

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Google Assistant is the official ST/Google Assistant integration.

The other two are linked below…

The beacon app and BeaconThings both have a about 30 digits long UUID field in the settings. Copy the UUID from the beacon app into BeaconThings and it should be recognized.

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I find myself wondering about ventilation in general. Might it be more practical to, instead of closing and opening vents, operate small fans at the ‘room’ end of the vents in certain instances to draw the warm air out of the vent and into the room? I have a room that is always cold in winter; perhaps around December 2017 I will test that concept. It would certainly minimize the risks associated with overly restricted airflow.


Well that is definitely worth trying. I spent a lot of time, effort and money to regulate the room temperatures on my second floor…In fact I documented it (see thread below). It’s been a year since I wrote that post and I am happy with my set up as I was when I wrote it.


I guess my question is I got the beacon white round portable version.