Amazon Echo Input available for preorder


I saw this and was excited at the announcement… But things are changing fast.

I no longer use the speakers in my house. I now use the 13 echo devices to make all of my announcements and everything else…

But don’t worry… A little bird tells me that there’s a new app coming to the smartthings universe that is going to change everything we do with Alexa…


Did you sign in for Echo Auto? Did the little birdie tell you when it ships and if it is useful at all, Jason? :slight_smile:

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Yes! I did sign up for the Echo Auto… I have no idea when it’s going to ship, hopefully soon. I honestly do not think it’s going to be all that useful. I have a phone that does it already, and I have a GPS… But, it will help to make my phone completely hands free and I will not have to buy a new GPS…

But, for the $25.00 intro fee (I think that’s how much it is) It’s worth the risk.


Hey @smart, check this out… this is a new app that I’m being told is going to be released very soon.