What is a good low cost solution for zwave controlled LED under cabinet lighting?

I’m clueless other than seeing Osram LED strips.

The Osrams (and most lightstrips) are Zigbee. If you are okay with Zigbee, then the Osrams are a good one as they are much cheaper than the Philips Hue alternative.

If you happen to have a Logitech Harmony system setup, Taotronics makes some IR-controlled lights that can be put into a Harmony Activity and then controlled via SmartThings.

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I do have one hub but it’s in the bedroom.

I went with this $28 solution Supernight RGBWW lighting before I purchased my SmartThings hub. So I was doing wireless color and on/off control with the supplied IR button control. But now I can automate turning them on and off with a basic z-wave switch powering up the plug. I find I don’t change the color settings after tweaking it to the color I wanted so the on-off works fine.

UPDATE: I would highly recommend if you are going with RGB LED strips to use @erocm1231 super slick and inexpensive $15 H801 RGBW Controller solution for a lost cost custom method. Due to the high price of a $70 Fibaro RGBW Controller I just used on-off control from my smart in wall switch originally. But you can’t go wrong for the inexpensive price of the H801 and you get more functionality because I can control both my upper and lower cabinet lighting independently but from only one controller.
I ended up replacing all my SuperNight RGBW strips under cabinet lighting with Cold White Double Row LED strips that outperform the RGBW strips hands down. I found that the wife wasn’t really using the color under the cabinets but wanted the increased lighting for task lighting. So actual installation now is I have the RGBW upper cabinets and dual LED lower. I can control everything(colors, dimmers, levels etc) using @erocm1231 smartapp and device handlers. I needed three for my installation because of the locations of my cabinets and they work GREAT thanks to @erocm1231 hard work. Here is the updated photos

That being said having warm white was actually very nice for the kitchen and the RGBWW capability looks killer in the kitchen. I don’t miss not being able to automate my color changes but instead manually using the IR button controller is just fine for me.

I was just playing with the color capability here. I eventually just settled on a much dimmer setting of a warmer white to give it a glow above the cabinets whereas under cabinets on the counter top I did full 100% setting with a slightly orange tint. I was still in the process of putting up crown molding but you get the idea anyway as far as cabinet lighting.

I used standard corner molding and mounted it underneath at the front of the cabinet and inverted to give me the angle I wanted to attach the LED strip so that it would point the LED’s lights back toward the back wall to give the future back splash a little pop as well as light on the counter work space. It worked out great.

UPDATE: Thanks to @bamarayne I am remounting the LED’s under the cabinet on this aluminum channel system due to the reflection off the granite counter tops and a much cleaner installation.


How do you wire it in? Our pantry has 5 maybe 6 short shelves that I wanted to light underneath.

You need to be able to run power to your supplies. For my cabinets I have over and under cabinet lighting outlets specifically for my lighting so it was a breeze to just plug in the power supply. Mine are actually located on top the cabinets but you just can’t see them in my photo. I ran the extension cables from the upper to the lower LED’s in the filler space between my cabinets.

I am planning on lighting my pantry cabinet shelves next which you see partially to the left of the microwave. I plan on drilling small holes to pass the wiring to each shelf (sort of like you see the holes I drilled to pass the LED strip between adjoining cabinets. I just custom cut the length of the LED strips to fit my cabinets. You could use extension cables to wire between LED lighting sections. My pantry cabinet is pretty deep and large so I am going to run the lights in a U shape along the sides and the back of each shelf

A lot depends on how you define “low cost,” and whether you want to be able to change colors from smartthings or not.

Fibaro makes a zwave RGBW controller intended for exactly this purpose. You use it to add zwave control to any LED strips. You can dim as well as change color from SmartThings. A lot of people in this community have it.

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But if you just want on-off control of single color strips, there are much cheaper options.


I used the Osram led zigbee strips. With these extension kits http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00BVOJU3W/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?qid=1457738289&sr=8-5&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=sylvania+led+light+strip+connectors&dpPl=1&dpID=31iTywHmArL&ref=plSrch

These extenders/ connection cables were used To span the oven area and the area over my kitchen sink which did not have cabinets. See the pictures below.


I have a motion sensor which turns them on plain white underneath during certain periods of the day.

That’s what I was talking about. I only want short sections of light under each cabinet shelf. I guess it has four wire leads between each section? Does it have to be soldered or is there some type of clamp for the wire and LED sections?

They are male to female plugs. I used a Dremel and a small drill bit to hide the wires.

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also has right angle connectors


You guys pics of your installs are great! Awesome for ideas!!!

Taotronics LED strip ZW outlet for easy on off automation, color changes with harmony remote
5 meters for < $50

That is a great price…the harmony hub can be used to change color?

Yes ( sorta) . If you have it as part of a routine you have to remember that it will run the whole routine. Took me a couple days to figure out why the TV kept shutting off at random times. Then I noticed that the LEDs on the front porch cane on at the same time. I had made a rule to turn on LED on motion. So when it ran it turned all the other devices off.
Solution just remove that Harmony routine ( unless lights are in the room with the TV and you want to turn them on, set color for movie) , just use the Harmony app to change colors. ZW switch to turn on/off with timer,motion etc .

Harmony divides devices into two main categories: Entertainment devices and home control devices. They understand that you don’t want to have the lights going on and off as you switch from watching cable to playing Xbox.

So when you set up a new activity, there is a screen which asks you if you want Entertainment devices to turn off when you start the new activity. As long as you say no to that, the TV will stay on when you use the activity that controls the lights.

Harmony only allows you to have one Entertainment device activity running at one time, but you can have multiple home control activities.

I have several harmony activities that are triggered by motion sensors, and they don’t change the current Entertainment device activity at all. :sunglasses:

So as long as you set up a harmony activity to control the lights that only includes the lights and sensors, you should be fine. If you also include the TV in that activity, it’s a different situation.

That’s the issue Tatronic lights pair with Harmony as an Entertainment NOT HA device since they are controlled with IR