What Edge driver for SmartThings Multi Sensor & Monoprice 4 in 1

I have a ST Multi sensor and a Monoprice 4 in 1, need an Edge driver. Is there one?

@joelw135 ST Multi sensor works perfectly with Zigbee Contact MC. Mariano’s channel invite below.

I’m using my monoprice 4-1 with Mariano’s Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver. Works great.

I am using mine with @philh30 “Z-wave sensor PH” driver. It gives you access to all the settings.

I have no luck with these drivers. The Multi Sensor shows no Humidity. The 4 in 1 doesn’t even show as an available driver for the device. Any ideas?

This is what it looks like using @philh30 driver:

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Wow I didnt even notice that, I only use these for vibration detection. Sorry, that is the only driver I was able to find. You would think that Smartthings would have a driver to support it! If you ask Mariano im sure he will add it for you. Post a message to him in.

Please give me the link?


I installed the driver Z-Wave sensor (PH) but it hasn’t shown the temp or humidity or battery. How do I get it to update, or did I pick the wrong driver?

When conditions change they should update. Put it in the freezer to force some changes. Battery some times takes 12 Hrs. to update.