What does your ST installation consist of?

Just a multi sensor and an app. It triggers a notification based on the vibration patterns. I have it blink the lights in the living room too. :slight_smile:

@mattjfrank I’m trying to figure out the value of monitoring my washer and dryer (or anything else) for electrical use. What do you do with the data? I can’t think of how the data would help me save electricity.

For me, it is about tracking what devices use while they’re in “standby” mode. I know I had a number of surprises from “energy star” approved devices, including a samsung TV that drew almost 36 watts 24/7. Needless to say I don’t own a samsung TV anymore!

Monitoring of the washer and dryer electricity use will likely just be used for alerts. I tried using the vibration alerts and got alerts anytime there was a pause and many false alerts. Monitoring the House for energy, you can certainly save money if it helps you to start changing behaviors. For instance this taught my my LCD TV in the bedroom uses a lot of electricity even when off, it also taught me that my florescent light in back entry room is a energy HOG, and that my ceiling fans although energy efficient use a lot of energy.

My quest for energy savings started over 2 years ago when I started getting energy reports from my electric company every month, always telling me my usage and how I was usually between the 90th and 100th worst energy hog out of 100 similar homes in my area. No matter when I “did” CFL, Leds, shutting more stuff off, new attic insulation etc, I couldn’t improve.

So to answer your question, house energy monitoring very good idea, individual items, not so important unless you are doing it for other reasons like just knowing if a connected device is turned on or you want to check individual items energy use for a certain other reason.

11 aeon micro dimmers
13 aeon micro switches
3 aeon dual switches
1 aeon smart energy outlet
2 GE switches
1 aeon multi
2 aeon mini-motes
1 aeon fob
2 hue blooms
2 hue living colors
2 hue A19’s
5 hue strips, 2 in this [(house number sign)][1]
1 hue hub
1 hue tap
1 harmony ultimate home (being depreciated)
1 arduino/smartThings shield [(TV lift controller)][3]
19 Centralite motion G2/G3
5 ST moisture
2 ST humidity
7 Centralite appliance modules
2 Centralite dimmers
5 Fibaro multi’s, the bomb…
1 Fibaro RGBW controller
7 Monoprice open/close sensors (1 as doorbell alert)
7 Centralite open/close sensors
2 Sami M7 speakers
1 Sami HD Pro camera
1 Zen thermostat
1 Perl thermostat
2 remotec zfm80’s
1 Wayne Dalton Homelink gateway

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Wow…: how did you do the house #?

There’s a link (blue text) in the above post to some project photos.
cutup/solder hue light strips, stick to black lexan, stick in a wood box with sign grade white lexan…
Turn over the HUE app to the wife for theme making…

And a link to some pics in this mornings post…
HUE sign post…


That sign is sweet! Love it.

bump this to the top. great info

Nothing crazy here, but I thought I’d share. I’ve also included where I’ve bought the items incase someone was wondering where you can find these things.

3 Kiddie ZCOMBO Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors.- Lowes
3 GE Link Bulbs - Home Depot
4 Z-Wave Motion Sensors - Monoprice
5 Z-Wave Door/Window Sensors - Monoprice
1 Aeon Multisensor - Amazon (or Smartthings)
2 GE Outdoor Power Outlet - Lowes (or Smartthings)
1 Dropcam - Best Buy
1 Nest Thermostat - Best Buy
2 iPhones as Mobile Presence Detectors
VLC Thing and ActiON Dashboard on old laptop

The basic goal was to provide security monitoring and light automation for security.

Would love to see the Nest Thermostat officially integrated with Smartthings.

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Let’s see…
20+ Hue Bulbs
10 Hue Lux Bulbs
6 Hue Bloom
2 Hue Lightstrips
2 Hue Tap (I don’t use them anymore since they dont talk with ST)
2 ecobee3 Thermostats
2 Sonos Amps
30+ Light Switches from GE/Jasco and Linear
5 Leviton multi-button Wall Switches
4 Aeon Micro Switches
2 Aeon Energy Monitor Outlet
1 Aeon Power Strip
1 Aeon Home Energy Monitor
1 Aeon Relay
1 Aeon Minimote
3 Aeon Multisensors
1 Evolve Fixture Module
1 GE Outdoor Outlet
1 Philio Multisensor
4 SmartThings Motion Sensors
6 SmartThings Contact Sensors
2 SmartThings Garage Door Tilt Sensors
5 SmartThings Moisture Sensors
1 SmartThings Humidity Sensor
1 Fortrezz Water Valve

…and more to come

I think I have an addiction here.


Wow @reward72, so have you hit the 100 device limit on your hub? Are you running a second yet?

Here is the gear I have set up on my hub for my loft…

10 HUE light bulbs
3 LUX light bulbs
5 GE Link Bulbs
4 ST motion sensors
1 SmartPower Outlet
2 GE/Jasco Outlets
1 GE/Jasco single pole switch
1 Nest
1 Protect
Harmony Home Hub
Jawbone UP24
Sonos Play 1
Sonos Connect

iPad 2 mounted on a Joy Factory arm in kitchen for general control using ActiON dashboard
Sony Experia Z tablet on nightstand, also running ActiON dashboard
iPad mini in “study” also running ActiON dashboard

Future plans: looking at possibly switching out my ST motion sensors for Fibaro sensors, adding an open/close sensor for front door, GE/Jasco switch and motion sensor for bathroom

Really future plans: automated window treatments, still deciding what direction to go.

Outside of all the obvious of having just about everything automated, I think my favorite set-up is a fairly basic one. I have a motion sensor mounted under my desk that triggers the desk light, overhead light, and accent light in my study area. For some reason, this always gets the biggest reaction when people see it. No idea why.

I love running the Scintillator app for animation control of my HUE bulbs, as they are mounted in giant frosted glass globes that hang from the ceiling. Would love to have ST integration with this as it’s a popular feature when entertaining.

Still hoping that Sonos and Nest products will get deeper/official integration. My ST/Sonos stuff has not worked in weeks.

What? There is a limit? Ouch. I’m at 84 “things”. I have yet to connect the moisture/humidity sensors, the valve, the microswitches and some of the Hue lights. Should I worry about the 100 mark?

@reward72 How are you using the Blooms? I’m always curious to see how people use them around their house.

…and you do have a problem. I think they have therapy for people like you!

I have four Blooms in the living room, two each side of the wall mounted tv. They make a nice ambience while watching movies. I was loving the Goldee app, but they went out of business a few weeks ago. I also have one under the bed, it makes a nice night light.

give OnSwitch app a shot… iOS.

My flat is still very much my little work in progress. So far, I’ve got this lot going:

4 CentraLite switches (for lamps) + an extra one right now for the Xmas tree
6 GE dimmers (still need a few more to finish that aspect off)
1 ST motion sensor (ordering some more shortly now I’ve decided I actually like the idea)
3 ST Multi-sensors on doors/windows
1 ST Multi-sensor on the washing machine (for knowing when it’s done etc., so it’ll nag my husband)
2 Dropcams (garage, entry way)
1 Nest Thermostat
3 Sonos (Play:1, Play:3 and the bar)
1 Nexus 7 with HADashboard
1 Aeon minimote
2 Android phones as presence devices
2 ST presence tags (unused right now)
2 blink[1] for notifications, but I often have these unplugged because they’re sort of annoying.

  • I am a heavy IFTTT user for connecting this stuff out to other things that I do (fitbit, emails, whatever).
    +1 box of random littleBits.cc I bought and intended to setup with the Cloud + IR module to control my Dyson fans.

The next things I’ll likely add are some of those motion sensors that also have the light-level detection built in - that should help me achieve a bunch of stuff that I want out of the setup. I think I’m probably going to install a second dashboard screen upstairs too - the one I have now is in the entryway.

My main aim with my setup is to have the place feel like it’s reacting to us and accommodating our behaviour, rather than anything very fancy. I don’t want to notice it/interact directly, if that makes sense? Stuff like, walking into rooms turns on lights in dark-hours, leaving then dims them back down, dimming up the lights a half hour before the alarm with a wake-up news and weather blast, have the lights dim down when the TV is on in the evening, that sort of thing.

I have an “away” configuration too that automatically clicks on when it the house is empty, turning on and off lights to a schedule etc.

Oh, also, I have a habit of kickstarter backing IoT crap, and I think one of those might actually deliver - the Tilt blinds. I keep getting updates from those guys that they’re on the way. If they ever show up, then I guess I’ll finally get around to automating our blinds too, but I’ll not hold my breath. Does anyone have blind-control systems they like with ST?


Just starting with Smartthings so all i have is a Hub and 2 TCPip bulbs

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I have had the system up and running since Christmas…

So far the simple automation’s are my favorite for when we come home and turn lights on based on who is home or coming home.

So far I have hooked up the following
1 Multisense
2 door sensors
2 GE Link Bulbs
9 GE switches
1 3 way dimmer
Garage door sensor and control
9 Sonos Players

In The Mail:

In The Works:
Integrated DSC Alarm System with Rhasberry Pi for server integration