What are the following Conditions (Capabilities) used for?

I installed CoRE last night, and in looking at all of the various conditions, two struck me:

Stock Management

What would those conditions be used for, and can someone point me in the direction of a device that would use those conditions?

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They are defined in the documentation, and as such, they show up in CoRE as well. Perhaps some virtual devices?

Capabilities are woefully under-documented.

Assume that “weird ones” were added to support some special partner vendors’ Devices (Samsung, etc.). Also do a search on the SmartThings Public GitHub in case there are any examples in open source.

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A “consumable” is likely something like copier toner, ink,paper, … or even coffee, water cooler water supply, pet feeder kibble supply,robot floor cleaner fluid, etc.


I was thinking the same, but didn’t find anything to indicate such. Thank you.

It looks like this could be used for a Smart Pantry or Fridge app.


That is correct, though these would have to be devices managed by such a SmartApp. You may be able to add “virtual” devices with that capability in the IDE. Go to “My Devices” and click on “New Device”. I couldn’t find one at a quick glance, but the list is long. Or you can write a DTH with that capability :slight_smile: You can find all capabilities here: http://docs.smartthings.com/en/latest/capabilities-reference.html