WeMo Switch Smart Plug, Alexa deal of the day (or more). $19.99

My 1 WeMo switch has worked perfect with ST’s & Alexa for months. Just ask your Echo device for your deals.

Side note: Alexa has had a lot of doggie treats on sale the last 3 weeks & I can’t pass up a deal. I’m gonna get quite a few kisses from my 2 grand-dogs Christmas eve. :grinning:


Alexa also has Leviton outlet with 2 USB ports ( for plugging in Echo & Control panel ? ) for $16.

I think I missed this by a day :frowning:

It doesn’t show in the regular deals pages. Alexa deals can only be seen at

Have to be purchased using the exact phrase shown on that page for the items.

It’s still there as of 10:15 am central time 12/12 for me. Ask your Alexa for the deal of the day while you have the Alexa app open on your phone/tablet or computer. It showed up for me.

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Ok thanks. I will try when I get home. Then lowest I saw was 29.99. Thanks for the tip!

If you say " Alexa, order a Wemo Smart Plug. " , Alexa will give you the special price ( with Tax included ) and ask you if you want to purchase.

Just wanted to follow up. I got it for 19.99. Thanks!