WebCoRE Piston to sync temperature sensor reading with virtual thermostat?

I’ve started playing around with WebCoRe, but I’m having trouble creating a piston. I would like to create one that checks the temperature of a multisensor I have outside and if the temperature changes, have it update the temperature reading of a virtual thermostat I have created in IDE so that I can get temperature readings of the outside of my house by asking a Google Home device. Does anyone have a template piston I could use or guidance as to how I can create one? Thanks.

This should work. It is setup to average the sensors (even though this example only has one.) You also don’t need the second section where it sets the temperature again.

This also works pretty good and does all the work for you.

This seems to have done the trick.

Thanks a lot.

Last question (for this one at least); what do you ask Google when you want to know the temperature of the virtual thermostat?

No idea. I was going to ask you the same question except for amazon. I have a settable temperature sensor, was going to migrate to virtual thermostat based on your post.

Lol. Well, I was able to get it working in Google Home by setting up a routine that looks basically like this:

Trigger phrase: “Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside?”

Action: "tell me the temperature of the ‘virtual thermostat name’.

I setup a few other ways to say the phrase, but they are all tied to the same action. I’m not sure how you do the equivalent with Alexa, so hopefully this at least helps. The only downside is that when it speaks the temp back to you, it also tells you the current thermostatMode from IDE, which is “off”. Whereas with a Nest thermostat for example, it would tell the mode as “eco”, “cool/heat”, whatever else. It’s not a big deal, but I did rename my virtual temperature sensor to “temperature sensor” so that Google says, “The temperature sensor is off and the current temperature is whatever.” rather than my original name of virtual_temperature_sensor, which Google read back to me as “virtual underscore temperature underscore sensor…”

I figured out the echo. You just say “Alexa, what is the temperature of the ?” I’m sure there are other combinations of words.

However, it doesn’t work.

“It doesn’t look like your device supports that yet.”

With the app I posted above, you name the therm a common name like “Living Room” and then enable that device in the Alexa App in SmartThings.

Alexa, what’s the temperature in the Living Room.

Works for me.

Trying it now.

You have a settable temperature sensor or settable temperature sensor handler? I’d found a handler once upon a time called settable temperature sensor and trying to find it again. Is that yours?