WebCoRE - Piston keeps canceling

I have a piston setup to turn on my landing light on motion if it’s off. Also only turn on if no other lights are in upstairs

I have tried the never bits with out success. The position starts. But after 2 mins it’s still on even if no other lights change.

What am I doing wrong.

/* Landing Sensor */
/* Author : Behold81 /
Created : 08/08/2017, 21:40:21 /
Modified : 13/08/2017, 23:16:28 /
Build : 10 /
UI version : v0.2.0e5.20170812 */

only when
Time is between 30 minutes to sunset and 30 minutes past sunrise
Smart Home Monitor status is Disarmed
Bathroom Hue’s switch is off
Bedroom Hue’s switch is off
Landing Hue’s switch is off
Spare Room Hue’s switch is off
Landing Sensor’s motion changes to active
Landing Hue
Set level to 30%;
Set color to Warm White;
Turn on;
Wait 2 minutes;
Turn off;
end with;
end if;
end execute;

I have a never cancels on the if and with it still seems to cancel. It always seems set a time to re execute not wait.

Solved. Thanks. Moving just the lights in to the if and the never on the if. Solved!!!

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