Weather station that triggers light when rain is imminent

I’ve seen similar questions but most are looking to change scenes based on active rain or cloud cover. I’m looking for a portable weather station (device) that can trigger a light to come on when rain is imminent.

Full picture: I’m a roofer and rather than constantly checking my app, it would be nice as part of our process to have the weather station ON the jobsite with a visual cue to the crew when bad weather is on the way. We regularly work in 20% chances of rain - that’s just the nature of the business. But on those days we’re constantly stopping to check the radar. Also, even if this doesn’t actually mitigate our risk of getting caught in the rain any better than the weather app, it could still make a nice point to include in our sales pitch.

Do you have a smartthing/Aeotec hub? Also, what country are you in? The weather service options do vary. :thinking:

I’m in the USA. I currently have nothing, other than an Alexa in my kitchen :smiling_face_with_tear:

That’s OK, I just realized it was a dumb question since if you’re going to people’s houses and you’re working on location, you’re not going to be taking a hub with you anyway. :thinking:

To be honest, in those situations, if all you want to know is that there’s gonna be rain the next day, by far the easiest thing is going to be just to check a phone or a smart watch.

There are some nice weather alert radios that have green/Yellow/red lights for local weather alerts, but they’re only going tell you about severe storms, which probably doesn’t serve your purpose. I’ll give you a link to one just as an example, but I don’t think it’s what you want.

While it’s definitely possible to set up, say, a colored lightbulb, which will change colors to give you the weather forecast, it’s not something that’s going to work as a mobile device. It’s a kind of thing you would have in a table lamp on the entry at your own house.

If you can provide power AND WiFi for a color changing lamp, you could use the Ifttt method in the link above.

But these days most people would just use a phone or watch app, I think.

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Largely irrelevant now but the app Darksky was the best weather app bar non, i saved many Roofers and Brickys with that, it was to the minute accurate with rain forecasting, sadly the Apple brand absorbed it into the IPhone weather app and largely destroyed it along with discontinuing the Android version

If i miss any app ever made, Darksky was it… a real sad day when that got destroyed

If any of your guys have Apple weather app they can try it but after looking at the wifes IPhone predictions… results are less than reliable