Weather station not working in new app

It works fine in the old app & I updated the app with @RBoy update but I get a network server error everytime I try it in the new app. Anyone else having this issue?

Weather station is loading for me

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I keep getting a can not connect to network server error.

It’s not just you, it seems to be affecting many users. It’s working fine on one location but showing an error on another here. Sometimes it helps to delete and recreate the device. If not, you should report it to ST support so they can investigate it. It appears to be related to the device health. After the recent ST device health outage many devices including the weather station have gone offline, especially virtual devices like presence sensors, weather stations and virtual switches.

I just uninstalled it & now it eill.not let me re install it. Tomorrow I will try to.remove it from the ide & re install it from.there. thanks.

Ok I deleted the smart app from the ide & install the weather station & it worked in the old app. Once I setup on the new app I still get the network or server error occured, but it still works in the old app.

Hello any ideas how to have weather information on the new app? Specialty lux info

It should be work out if the box. Just make sure you’re using the stock weather station device as described in the first post here: