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We Need a Scenes App!

(Mr. Smith) #1

Would love to be able to have a switch where i can select a set of lights and set their dim level and color value (Scene). The app lacks this in Routines so perhaps someone could do this in a SmartApp?

(might be my fake name?) #2


I imagine you’re getting tired of hearing me say this by now, so I apologize in advance, but Core can do pretty much anything you want. it’s also one of the few smart apps at the present time which can handle color management for bulbs of different brands, such as Hue and LIFX and Osram.

There is another alternative, which is that if the particular brand of bulb that you are using has an IFTTT channel you may be able to set up scenes in its native app and trigger those scenes through IFTTT. This will work for hue bulbs attached to Hue bridge and for LIFX. It doesn’t work for any bulbs which are attached directly to the smartthings hub such as Osram. But it is an option for some situations and there are community members using it. :sunglasses::bulb::bulb::bulb:


also, if you are just working with one brand of bulb, there are some community created smart apps for lighting which can handle scenes quite well. I think trendsetter is one of the most popular right now, but there are others as well.

You can find these by using the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki and looking in the smart apps section at the lighting list. :sunglasses:

(Dave N) #5

. +1 on CoRE. Search for virtual and ganged lights and you will find the code for the pistons. I have posted some and others have as well when we were trying to figure it out.

(Phil Panfili) #6

Are you using your hue Lights with core and the default app for hue?

(Mr. Smith) #7

I appreciate all of the references to programming resources but im looking for someone who will build a SmartApp. Ideally, and I’m getting a positive reaction from Samsung, this should be built in to Routines.