Anything more powerful than the Smart Lighting Smartapp?

Controlling Scenes/Modes through Smartthings has worked very well since I started using the Smart Lighting app, however, I’m a bit disappointed with some of the options I’m allowed to set. For example, dimmer levels are in increments of 10%, where I would prefer to enter any number, even 1% for nightlight apps. The color settings also leave a lot to be desired, with only about 10 options, not to mention, blue is more purple, green is more teal, and warm/soft white seem to be swapped. I’d prefer #FFFFFF inputs.

Look up webcore. Its amazing

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Several options, but webcore is the most powerful:

Just be aware that the official smart lighting feature can run locally if the devices included are eligible to run locally (which at the present time does not include hue bulbs). Any custom code, including Core, cannot. But for most people that’s not a big deal. :sunglasses: