Water Valve Cycling SmartApp?

I just installed Dome water shut off valves on our water lines (Dome Water Shut Off Valve)

Is there a way to set up a routine or smart app to cycle the valves on a schedule, like biweekly or monthly? I can see the ball valves getting ‘sticky’ over time. Here is the requirement I would I see:

Set up a time to cycle (1 am every two weeks for instance)
SmartApp closes then immediately opens the valves at presecribed time
The SmartApp send a notification that the cycling was executed successfully

Is there anyone out there doing something like this?

Something like this maybe.

I haven’t ventured into CoRE yet. Looks like I’m about to get my feet wet, pun intended…

Have you managed to get your feet wet?? As daunting as CoRE looks it is amazing to have at your disposal.

I have not yet. I started the setup and got about 1/2 way through and haven’t had time to mess with it since. I have two very active kids(one plays hockey and the other plays contra bass in two orchestras and a jazz band) so my free time is minimal. Some day I’ll look back and be bored out of my skull with all the free time.

I did kinda fill my requirement. I set up two routines. Open to the valve and one to close the valve set to go at 1 am and 1:01 am Sunday mornings. Both test me thiat they have cycled so I know it happened. Until I can get Core running it’ll have to do.

Well as long as you got it going that’s great!

Finally got around to setting up Core andi think successfully set this up. We’ll see Monday morning. I whited out my phone number for obvious reasons.

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Holy cow -thanks for pushing me to get Core running. I spent an hour setting up all my routines into pistons last night. So much more efficient and effective processes. As a former programmer, and now a programming manager I really appreciate the efficiency of scale and flow Core offers. As an example I was able to take 13 routines and boil them down to 5 pistons. I did leave one a routine as it’s a super simple call.

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Just wait till webcore releases. Unfortunately we will have to redo all pistons but it will be computer based and a lot more functional.

616fun Here is a link to official Dome Water Main Shut-Off Device Handler and Dome Water Main Shut-Off Device Handler Guide. In the guide we cover how to configure the ST to shut off your water main when flood is detected and how to configure the valve for “selftest” closing and opening the valve every week or month to keep the valve in good condition. I will be following this topic from now on. I’m from Dome Home Automation product development and support team so please reach out to me here or directly to our support team at support@domeha.com. Thanks for your support!


I beat you to it and set it up in Core as you see in the above thread and it’s working great. Glad to see with the handler it’s now available as a standard feature for the device. Great customer service and outreach by your company.

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