Water Alarms

I have a whole bunch of legacy SmartThings water sensors. Since they’re no longer being made, can anyone share their experience with integrating some of the other water alarms into SmartThings, IFTTT or Alexa?

At a minimum, I want the ability to receive a text/phone call/email when one is triggered. I want them by each sink, toilet and misc other water sources (sump pump, hot water heater, etc.).


What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :thinking:

Also, do you need the individual sensors to have an audible alarm, or not? Some models do, some don’t.

Linkind has recently become popular in the community because they are inexpensive and there is a community created edge driver that works with them. They use Zigbee.

At the time of this writing, the four pack was about $50, but there’s also a 20% off coupon on the page.

Here’s the edge driver:

[ST EDGE] Linkind Leak Sensor

I’m an idiot. I’m in America. Apologies for my assumption/forgetfulness that these forums can be worldwide.

I’ll look into these and see what else is out there to integrate w/the SmartThings, Alexa and Google Assistant frameworks.

Not a requirement but in the nice-to-have category, an audible alarm is something I hope for. On the other hand, I can always integrate alerts with Alexa/IFTTT/SmartThings and have it announced over the various speakers in the house.

Thank you.

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The Linkind have a sound alarm (spec says it’s 90db) but honestly I don’t rely on that at all. Most of ours are under things, in cabinets, below a water heater, etc. The likely hood of hearing it vs a notification/text on a phone is small.

Alexa can’t do any actions directly on either the leak sensor or SHM but creating a virtual contact that gets set in ST will let Alexa trigger routines off it. Works fine.

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