Washer Dryer Monitoring

Trying to get monitoring of washer and dryer done using core but not having much luck. Either not getting notified or getting too many notifications with things i have tried. Here is what i would like to do:

If power meter on washer goes above 10 watts
Then If power meter stays below 4 watts for 2 minutes (need it to stay below that level for time for times during wash cycle it sits to soak and things)
Send push notification

For the dryer i will basically be doing same thing but will use temperature of a multisensor attached to dryer vent as the triggers

I tried doing this with IF-THEN type of piston but could never get it to send notification. Any suggestions? Feel like this should be very straightforward but im not having any luck. Thanks!

Here is my dryer notifications as you are trying to do. Only difference is it sends notifications to my sonos speaker. I’m sure you can adapt.

how do it do the import piston using the import code shown at top of your code? I dont see anywhere to do that in the app within smartthings app or if i go to the dashboard website on laptop.

Click on create new piston, then from the box that opens up near the bottom will be import piston option, second from bottom if I remember right.

Give it a name and type in the code. Capitalization matters

Where do you put the motion sensor for temp reading on your gas/electrical dryer?

My piston issue was because i was using Core not Webcore. Just started using this and wasn’t aware they were two different things. Got that straightened out.

I am using multisensor for the temp reading. Have electric dryer and sensor is against the exhaust vent piping. Didnt have time yesterday to see if the piston i setup works but looking at readings of the sensor before i started trying core it was responding pretty quick to temp changes of the pipe (aluminum duct pipe so it heats up and cools quick). Only issue i see is it might be getting sensor little too hot and might hurt battery or sensor over time. Might try some tape or something between the sensor and pipe to insulate it a little to see if that helps.

I duct taped it to dryer vent pipe. My temp never reaches over 93°. So I don’t think temp will be an issue on my sensor. Time will telk

@Gopack2 Which sensor are you using? I have a couple multi-sensors but they check every 5 minutes. I used to have one where I could choose the time. I can’t find the one I used to use but it would report if the temp change was greater the X degrees or every Y milliseconds.

Thanks Paul

Iris motion sensor from lowes

I have a Z-Wave power plug from Neo CoolCam.

They measure, voltage, current, power used.

Would like to use those for monitoring.

Neo CoolCam powerplugs

Just installed the SmartApp “Better Laundry Monitor”, working with the plug.